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Psalm 83

The enemy is active. Asaph asks God to step in. To let the enemy know that God watches over Israel. To destroy them as He has in the past. Let the enemy know that God is God, in charge of everything on earth.

God watches over me. I have nothing to fear from my enemies.


Psalm 82

God presides. He’s in charge. He rules. He judges.

God wants to know why we’re defending the unjust, showing partiality to the wicked. We should be defending the weak and fatherless, maintaining the rights of the poor and the oppressed, rescuing the weak and needy, delivering them from the hand of the wicked.

The poor know nothing, understand nothing. They walk in darkness.

God rates us as His sons and daughters, but we will die and fall like the wicked if we don’t change our ways and take care of those we should.

Thanking God in all Circumstances

Monday night I was driving home from work after dark. I decided I didn’t want to take the country roads home and have to watch so carefully for deer and other assorted night-time critters. So I took the long way home on a state route.

I got to the last stoplight before my turnoff – a large, busy intersection – and stopped for the light. I was the first car in my lane and had been there for a while when I heard a large boom and began to move forward. I gathered myself together, then had the paramedics check me out – all was well.

The other driver was very upset, and she kept checking on her daughter who was in the center of their van in a wheel chair. We finished up the reports and everyone went their separate ways.

Surprisingly for me, I never got angry or overly upset, but found myself quietly pondering, looking for the good God promises to bring out of all things. I was still pondering the next morning, when it dawned on me.

If my car hadn’t been there, she would have run the red light, and they and others may have been injured. So I thank God in this circumstance that my car was there to stop hers and keep them from greater harm.

Psalm 81

Sing for joy! Shout aloud!
God is our strength – He makes us strong.

God has removed our burdens, released us from our bondage. We called, He rescued.
God warns us and guides us if we listen to Him.
If we open our mouths, He fills them with abundant life, with praise.

If we listen and follow, God will subdue all our enemies, and we would have abundant and best life.




David’s Patience

David also said, “As the Lord lives, surely God will strike him, or his day will come that he dies, or he will go down into battle and perish.” I Samuel 26:10

Saul has been relentlessly pursuing David with his army of 2,000. David and Abishai have gone down into Saul’s camp in the dead of night and found everyone fast and deeply asleep (God did it – verse 12). Abishai wants to take advantage of the situation and kill Saul. This verse is part of David’s reply.

I’m stuck by the phrase “or his day will come that he dies” which the Living Bible translates “or he will die of old age”. David was anointed king years ago and miles away and battles ago. Saul is trying to kill him for no reason but jealously and spite. Nevertheless, unlike Abraham who took matters into his own hands by sleeping with Hagar to get a son, David is determined that God will take care of Saul. God will either strike him dead, or cause his death in battle. But even if David has to wait until Saul dies of old age, he will not rush God’s timetable. So speaks the man after God’s own heart. So should we.