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In I Kings 1, Adonijah has big plans – he wants to be king.  So what does he do?  He goes to those whom he thinks will be good political allies.  He tells them his cause.  He gains their support.  He takes them out to dinner.  Adonijah has forgotten the most important thing – kingship comes from God.  He should have taken his cause to God.  He should have asked God for His support.  He should have taken God out to dinner.  That was the only support he really needed.  If God is for us, who can be against us?  All the human support in the world for a cause won’t do anybody a bit of good if the cause isn’t God’s will.

So then, what do Nathan and Bathsheba do?  Instead of trusting God to make Solomon king, they plot and plan.  God would have told David when the time was right to anoint Solomon.  Instead of trusting God, they resort to human resources.  When we do that, we miss God’s miracles. 

Adonijah’s comment is interesting.  He tells Jonathan that since he’s a good man (meaning on his side), he must be bringing good news.  A warning inside a compliment (Jonathan’s in trouble if he’s not bringing good news).

Now Adonijah’s guests are afraid.  They sneak out from the banquet.  They don’t want it known they were there.  They find themselves on the wrong side and now want to sneak over to the right side.  What loyalty!  They too show a lack of trust in God.  They should have asked God to show them who He wanted to be king.  Then they wouldn’t have had anything to worry about. 

Now that Adonijah’s in BIG trouble, where does he run to?  The temple.  He’s put his trust in himself and men thus far.  Why doesn’t he just go to Solomon and face him man to man?  Nope.  Now he runs to hide behind the temple skirts.

Solomon is the only one who is trusting God.  He knows his kingship and kingdom are from God.  He will let God destroy his enemies for him.  He lets Adonijah go.  Perhaps Adonijah was afraid of being put to death because that’s what he would have done to Solomon if their positions were reversed.

We must trust God from the beginning.  We must seek Him at the start.  Then and only then, will everything fall into place in the perfect way at the perfect time.  Hands off.  Eyes, mind and heart on God.  


Sweet as Honey

“As I looked, I saw a hand stretched out toward me.  In it was a scroll.  He spread the scroll in front of me.  There was writing on the front and back.  There were funereal songs, songs of mourning and horrible things written on it.  Yahweh said to me, ‘Son of man, eat what you find.  Eat this scroll.  Then speak to the people of Israel.’  So I opened my mouth, and He gave me the scroll to eat.  He said to me, ‘Son of man, eat this scroll I’m giving you, and fill your stomach with it.’  So I ate it, and it tasted as sweet as honey in my mouth.”  (Ezekiel 2:9-3:3, God’s Word Translation)

Amazing.  How could a scroll filled front and back with funeral songs, songs of mourning and horrible things taste as sweet as honey?  I would think sad and horrible things would taste bitter, but they didn’t.  Why not? 

Is it because God gave Ezekiel the scroll to eat that it tasted sweet?  Is it because the events in our lives and the Word are separate and distinct?

This section of Scripture teaches a great lesson.  No matter what the events in our lives or the circumstances around us, the Word of God is always sweet.  God’s Word will always give us the sweetness and inner joy to overpower the bitterness this fallen world tries to make us swallow.  We don’t have to allow circumstances to dictate to our spirit.  We can have peace, joy and sweetness as long as we’re deep in His Word.  No matter what God allows to come into our lives, His Word contains the sweetness we need to overcome. 

Joshua 1:9

Have I not commanded you?  God has commanded Joshua.  Apparently Joshua has forgotten the command and now needs to be reminded that God is in charge. 

Be strong and courageous.  Be bold and of a good courage.  God has commanded Joshua.  Therefore Joshua (and we) should be bold.  Stepping our without hesitation.  Marching forward.  Confident.  We should be strong.  Physically strong.  Taking care of the vessel He’s given us.  Eating right.  Exercising.  Sleeping well.  Spiritually strong.  Taking care of the soul He’s given us.  Reading the Word.  Working with the Holy Spirit as teacher.  Exercising faith.  Using the Holy Spirit as trainer.  Sleeping well – trusting completely.  Be of a good courage,.  Stop being chicken.  Step out in faith. Trust.  Whatever happens, it is part of God’s will.  All we have to do is our best and God will take care of the rest. 

Do not be terrified.  Be not afraid.  Banish fear.  Stop shaking in your boots.  Remember, “That which I feared has come upon me, what I dreaded has happened to me” (Job 3:25).  Think fear and you get what you expect.  Do the thing you fear (even if what you fear is trusting God) and the death of fear is certain.  Banish fear.  Yo!  Fear!  Front and center!  Now – out of here!  Be gone!  Scoot!  Shoo!  And don’t come back!  But like the man with the seven demons, once the house is swept clean, it must be filled with trust in God or else seventy fears will return. 

Do not be discouraged.  Neither be thou dismayed.  Banish doubt.  Stop feeling sorry for yourself.  Stop complaining.  Stop thinking how bad and what if.  Quit carrying on so.  Lift those spirits!  Look up!  Yo!  Doubt!  Front and center!  Now – out of here!  Be gone!  Scoot!  Shoo!  And don’t come back!  And, once again, fill the thoughts with trust in God.  Stop thinking how hard it is or it will be.  Start thinking how wonderful it will be to watch God at work! 

For the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.  No lowly angels for us.  We rate service from the boss, the one at the top.  We don’t have to make an appointment either – He’s already here with us. 


God is with me at home in the morning.

God is with me as I drive to work. 

God is with me at work. 

God is with me as I run errands on the way home.

God is with me on the way home.

God is with me at home.

God is with me as I sleep.

God is with me at church.

God is with me at the bank.

God is with me on vacation.

God is with me whenever and wherever I let Him in.

God is even with me when I don’t let Him in.

I need to take advantage of His help more often!

Their Life Together

I know these two people – they’re very special to me.
So special that sometimes it hurts to think of them – and remember.
I don’t know the whole story – I’ve just gathered bits and pieces with my eyes, ears, and heart.
They haven’t told me much.
Maybe it’s too painful for them.
They’ll tell me when the time comes.
I supposed I could ask, but I’d rather let it be their decision, their time.
It’s not easy to put the bits and pieces together, but the missing pieces are full of love.
Someday when the real pieces fall into place, I know the love will be there to seal them.
I don’t know the whole story – just the bits and pieces I’ve gathered with my eyes, ears, and heart.

They were married.
They must have been very happy – in spite of interference and problems and rainy days.
But one day, their happiness disappeared and the pieces of their lives scattered in all directions.
He almost lost her.
He stayed by her – he must have been full of hope.
But he did lose a part of her.
For the voice he had grown to love would never return.
He stayed.
He could have given up but he didn’t.
He might have left her or sent her away, but he wouldn’t.
He stayed – not because he felt he had to – but because he wanted to.
Because he loved her.
He suffered with her – and for her.
And together they tried to pick up the pieces of their lives.
They truly became one person and spirit as they struggled.
Nothing mattered because they were together.

This may not really be the way they felt.
It may have been entirely different.
Perhaps I saw them this way because I wanted to.
Perhaps I saw what they wanted me to see.
I doubt it though.

In one sense I will never grow up – for I will always believe with the eternal faith of a little child that they love each other – and always will.
No matter what.