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The Whirlwinds of Life

“Then the Lord answered Job from the whirlwind.”  Job 38:1

What a minute – whirlwind?  What whirlwind?  I see no mention of a whirlwind before this.  (lightbulb comes on)

The whirlwind of events.  One minute everything was right in Job’s world, and the next, all was lost.  God is in the whirlwind of the events and circumstances of our lives.

The whirlwind of illness and pain.  Job was stricken with a painful boil disease over his entire body.  God is in the whirlwind of illness and pain.

The whirlwind of emotions.  Job laments his situation and his condition.  He laments his “friends” who have come to comfort but are no comfort.  Sorrow (deep sorrow), impatience, anger, frustration, confusion, discouragement.  We experience rapidly changing emotions.  God is in the whirlwind of emotion.

The whirlwind of injustice.  Job was a victim of Satan’s jealousy and attack, the scorn of his wife, the rejection of his peers, the accusations of his “friends”.  God is in the whirlwind of injustice.

The whirlwind of God’s presence and revelation.  Sometimes God reveals faster than I can write or type.  God is in every whirlwind, but whirlwinds are noisy affairs and in order to hear in one, we have to focus on the voice instead of the whirlwind and we have to listen very carefully.  Hush now.  Can you hear Him?


Psalm 45

Psalm 45 is a picture of the child of God.  It shows what we can become if we let go and let God.

1 – When people speak of us, it will be with overflowing hearts.  Hearts filled with love, joy and gratitude.

2 – We can be excellent.  We can speak with grace – words that uplift others.  God blesses us forever.

3 – Our battles will always be won.  Our victory will be accompanied by splendor and majesty.

4 – We fight for truth, humility and righteousness.

5 – Our enemies don’t stand a chance.

6 – We serve with justice.

7 – We love righteousness, hate wickedness.  God anoints us with joy.

Verse 17 – Everyone will always remember us with praise and good thoughts.

The best is ours.  We can have better than we have now.  If only we let go and let God.

Psalms 43 and 44

Psalm 43

Vindicate me O Lord.  Show the world that believing in You and living as You would have is the way to peace and prosperity.

God is my stronghold.  If I go about mourning and oppressed, I need to reach out and touch the walls.  I need to stop looking at my oppression and open my eyes to God’s light.  I need to follow where God’s truth leads me.

Psalm 44

They speak of the miracles God did long ago.  How He helped their fathers.  God has helped our fathers and business people before us.

All of the prior victories were not by man’s skill, but by God’s power.

God seems to have forgotten the Israelites for no reason.  Perhaps the reason is to show more power later.

Psalm 42

The deer pants for streams of water.

My soul longs for God.  God is as vital to my well-being as water.  I need to know where the sources of my water are and make sure I never stray too far from them.  I need to tend my sources of water so that they don’t get plugged up or polluted.

Put your hope in God for you shall yet praise Him.  I must hope in God and remember that I will praise Him.  I can praise Him right now.

By day, God direct His love to me and through me to others.  At night, His song is with me.  Help me to be an open channel for Your love.  Help me to be still tonight and listen for Your song.

Psalm 40

Help me, Abba, to wait patiently for You to help me.  You are here and have heard my cry.  Help me to wait patiently.

Lift me out of the slimy pit of trying to do it all myself.  Stand me upon the firm rock of Your presence and Your power.

Instead of complaining (Psalm 39), help me to sing a new song of praise to You.

Help me to remember and look for and see the many wonders You have done.  You have plans for me.  Plans to prosper me and not to harm me.  Help me to let go and get going.

What You want most of all is for me to serve You, to desire to want and do Your will.  Help me to go all out for You.

Help me to think of You as often as You think of me.  That would be perfect fellowship!