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Psalm 107

Give thanks to the Lord because He is good.
Give thanks to the Lord because His love endures forever.
I am a redeemed of the Lord – redeemed from my foes.
Some were homeless. They cried – He gave them a home.
Some were prisoners in punishment. They cried – He forgave them and set them free.
Some rebelled away from God. They cried – He healed them.
Some were at sea. They cried – He stilled the storm.
He curses and punishes the wicked.
He blesses and rewards the upright.


Psalm 105

Give thanks to the Lord.
Thank You for past, present and future.
Thank You for family and friends.
Thank You for home and work.
Thank You for salvation and heaven.

Call on His name.
Abba, Father. Jehovah God. Lord God Almighty.

Come. Look upon Your servant. Bless, teach, guide.

Make known what He has done.
God has sowed. God has blessed. Goad has taught. God has disciplined.

Tell of all his wonderful acts.
In grammar school, He kept me from being hit by a car.
In high school and college, He kept me safe as I travelled through unsafe neighborhoods.
He helped me do well in school.
He guided my career and found my jobs.
He brought my husband and me together at the right time.
He guided my husband’s careers and found his jobs.
He guided my parents and led them safely to heaven.
He separated my husband and me at the right time.
He rebuilt my life.

Glory in His name. Seek the Lord and rejoice. Look to the Lord and to His strength.

Remember His wonders, His miracles and His judgments.
Remember your history has been charted by God.
Keep His precepts. Observe His laws.

Praise the Lord!

Thanking God in all Circumstances

Monday night I was driving home from work after dark. I decided I didn’t want to take the country roads home and have to watch so carefully for deer and other assorted night-time critters. So I took the long way home on a state route.

I got to the last stoplight before my turnoff – a large, busy intersection – and stopped for the light. I was the first car in my lane and had been there for a while when I heard a large boom and began to move forward. I gathered myself together, then had the paramedics check me out – all was well.

The other driver was very upset, and she kept checking on her daughter who was in the center of their van in a wheel chair. We finished up the reports and everyone went their separate ways.

Surprisingly for me, I never got angry or overly upset, but found myself quietly pondering, looking for the good God promises to bring out of all things. I was still pondering the next morning, when it dawned on me.

If my car hadn’t been there, she would have run the red light, and they and others may have been injured. So I thank God in this circumstance that my car was there to stop hers and keep them from greater harm.

Praying Psalm 3

I’ve come across the idea of praying Scripture frequently in my reading lately. I’ve prayed Scripture before, so I was seeking a new method when the acronym ACTS came to mind. It was a method I learned early in my Christian walk and the letters stand for Adoration Confession Thanksgiving Supplication. I thought I’d see if I could put the two together and went to the Psalms to start. I also found the New Testament works well, and some mornings, I’ve prayed the verses instead of just reading them – I’ve found it’s a wonderful way to shake things up a bit when I’m just reading the words on the page and they’re not going deeper.


O Lord, no matter how much my adversaries have increased, You are with me and will never leave me or forsake me. No matter how many rise up against me, You keep me from being outnumbered. No matter how many say there is no deliverance for me in God, I know it’s not true and You will deliver me. You, O Lord, are a shield around me, a perfect fit. I have no glory of my own – You are my glory. You tenderly lift up my head. I was crying to You with my voice, and You heard the first peep, and You answered me from You holy mountain. I lay down and slept; I awoke, for You sustain me – You always sustain me. Because of You, I will not be afraid of ten thousands of people who have set themselves against me round about.

You arise to save me no matter the hour. One day You will make all things right and smite all my enemies on the cheek and shatter the teeth of the wicked. Salvation belongs to You and only to You. You bless Your people as no one else can.


Lord, I confess that my focus has been on my increasing adversaries instead of on You. Many are rising up against me, and I’ve been counting them and getting more worried and fretful by the minute. Many are saying there is no deliverance for me in You and I confess I’ve begun to believe them. You have tried to shield me, but sometimes I push Your shield away, or step aside or peek out from behind it. I have accepted glory that belongs to You and I have neglected to give You the glory You deserve. You have tried to lift up my head, but I’ve resisted, wanting instead to wallow in self-pity. I was crying so loud with my voice, I couldn’t hear Your answer. I try to lay down and sleep, but I worry instead of trusting You. I awake tired because I don’t allow You to sustain me. I’m afraid of the ten thousands of people who have set themselves against me round about and sometimes I imagine one person to be ten thousand.

You have arisen to save me, but I have neglected to take Your hand or the escape route You have provided. I confess there are times I desperately want You to smite all my enemies on the cheek and shatter the teeth of the wicked and that I want to be there to see it and gloat. Forgive me for the times I try to save myself or someone else. Forgive me for neglecting Your blessings to me or being jealous of Your blessings on others.


Thank You from being greater than all my adversaries. Thank you for increasing Your grace to me in direct proportion to the increase of those rising up against me. Thank You for delivering me especially when people said it couldn’t be done or wouldn’t happen. Thank You for shielding me. Thank You for being my glory. Thank You for lifting my head. Thank You for hearing me when I cry and answering me from Your holy mountain. Thank You for sustaining me while I sleep and helping me to awake refreshed. Thank You that no matter how many people set themselves against me or surround me, greater are those who are with me than those that are with them.

Thank You for arising and saving me. Thank You for being my God. Thank you for taking care of all my enemies. Thank You for taking care of vengeance. Thank You so much for providing salvation for us. Thank You for blessing us.


O Lord, how my enemies have increased! Many are rising up against me – please take notice. Many are saying there is no deliverance for me in You – prove them wrong! Please be a shield around me – one they can’t penetrate. Please show me Your glory and let my adversaries see Your glory in me. Please, lift my head up from my sorrow, grief, pain and loneliness. I’m crying to You with my voice – please answer me from Your holy mountain. I need to sleep, please hold me while I sleep and sustain me. Please remove my fear of all those who have set themselves against me – use Your perfect love to cast out my fear.

Arise, O Lord; save me, O my God! Smite all my enemies on the cheek; shatter the teeth of the wicked. May the whole world recognize that salvation comes from You and only You. May Your blessing be upon us and remain upon us.