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The Blame

Once in high school biology, we were to go up to the front to get samples from jars with an eyedropper to put on slides and study under a microscope. The teacher had stepped out for a few minutes and in the spirit of high school camaraderie, I accidently knocked over a jar of something. When the teacher returned, he saw the jar nearly empty and angrily asked who knocked it over. I was afraid of his anger and couldn’t say anything. No one in the class said anything even though half a dozen students knew what had happened. No one volunteered or offered an explanation or took the blame. He asked again and I burst into tears and confessed.

One day, God will call us all together and each of us will have to stand before Him. Satan will angrily and accusingly read a list of sins we’ve committed – the entire list of small and large offenses. There we’ll be – standing before God, listening to Satan telling the entire universe what an awful person we are, embarrassed by all the sins no one else ever knew about.

I wonder how God’s face will look. There will be the anger of a holy God at such vile, abhorrent sin, but there will also be the pity of His love. The longer our list, the worse our list, the greater our fear of punishment will grow. Finally, we will burst into tears and confess.

However, an amazing thing will happen for those who here on earth have already confessed, asked for and received God’s forgiveness when Satan begins to read our list of sins. Jesus’ voice will sound out “I committed those sins and I was punished for each and every one.” The gavel will drop. God will declare, “Case dismissed!” We will be dumbfounded that anyone would be willing to take the blame for every thing that we’ve ever done wrong. We will turn to Jesus and finally understand the pain and agony He went through in Gethsemane and at Calvary. True love and gratitude will well up in our hearts and fill our entire new being for eternity.


Psalm 82

God presides. He’s in charge. He rules. He judges.

God wants to know why we’re defending the unjust, showing partiality to the wicked. We should be defending the weak and fatherless, maintaining the rights of the poor and the oppressed, rescuing the weak and needy, delivering them from the hand of the wicked.

The poor know nothing, understand nothing. They walk in darkness.

God rates us as His sons and daughters, but we will die and fall like the wicked if we don’t change our ways and take care of those we should.

Psalm 76

God is known in the country.  He dwells there.  He ended war by breaking all the weapons. 

God is the brightest, most beautiful light.  More majestic than the most bountiful forest preserve. 

The best warriors have been struck down. 

No one can last when God is their enemy. 

Everyone is quiet when God pronounces judgment, when He makes His move to save the afflicted. 

Make vows to God and fulfill them.  Bring gifts to God.  He makes the world a safe place to live. 

Psalm 58

Do you speak justice?
Do you speak righteousness?
Are you fair?
Do you plan on how to get ahead at the expense of others?

Like a snake that doesn’t hear the charmer, the wicked do not hear God.

Punishment of the wicked:
The lion will lose its fangs
Like water, they’ll flow away.
Their arrows will be blunt.
The snail will melt away.
The child will be stillborn.

The reward of the righteous:
They will be avenged.
They will bathe their feet in the blood of the wicked.
All men will know that God judges fairly.