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Psalm 82

God presides. He’s in charge. He rules. He judges.

God wants to know why we’re defending the unjust, showing partiality to the wicked. We should be defending the weak and fatherless, maintaining the rights of the poor and the oppressed, rescuing the weak and needy, delivering them from the hand of the wicked.

The poor know nothing, understand nothing. They walk in darkness.

God rates us as His sons and daughters, but we will die and fall like the wicked if we don’t change our ways and take care of those we should.


Psalm 49

The message of this psalm is for everyone – noble and common men, rich and poor. It applies to both the same.

Don’t fear those who have earthly treasures. All the money in the world can’t buy salvation or eternal life. (Neither can all the good works in the world earn someone salvation or eternal life).

Everyone dies no matter what their status in life.

Those who trust in themselves or in their wealth will remain in the grave for eternity. Those who trust in God will have eternal life.

It’s all right to have riches, but you must have the understanding of God to go along with them.