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Psalm 97

God reigns – like a king.  The whole earth is glad – the farthest shores rejoice.

Clouds and darkness are around God – it makes Him hard to see.  Righteousness and justice hold and support His throne.  Fire goes before God and consumes all enemies everywhere.  God’s lightning lights up the whole world and makes the earth tremble.  Mountains melt like wax (volcanos).  The heavens (the clouds and darkness lit up by the lightning) proclaim God’s righteousness (point to the foundation of His throne).  All peoples see the glory and perfection of God. 

Those who worship idols are put to shame – the idols worship God.

The people are glad because of God’s judgments.  God is Most High – over all the earth, over all other gods.

If you love God, then hate evil.  God guards the lives of His faithful ones and delivers them from the hand of the wicked.  Light and joy are ours.

Rejoice in the lord.

Praise His name.

Psalm 80

God is our shepherd. Hear Your sheep.
Awaken and save us, restore us.
Make Your face shine upon us in joy and pride.

The people have eaten and drank tears, they have suffered and mourned so. Their neighbors fight about them, their enemies mock.
Israel is like a vine out of Egypt that has blossomed and grown. But now the vine is in trouble – under attack.
Return Your favor to the king, to each man.

Restore us O Lord God Almighty;
Make Your face shine upon us,
That we may be saved.

Psalm 76

God is known in the country.  He dwells there.  He ended war by breaking all the weapons. 

God is the brightest, most beautiful light.  More majestic than the most bountiful forest preserve. 

The best warriors have been struck down. 

No one can last when God is their enemy. 

Everyone is quiet when God pronounces judgment, when He makes His move to save the afflicted. 

Make vows to God and fulfill them.  Bring gifts to God.  He makes the world a safe place to live.