David’s Patience

David also said, “As the Lord lives, surely God will strike him, or his day will come that he dies, or he will go down into battle and perish.” I Samuel 26:10

Saul has been relentlessly pursuing David with his army of 2,000. David and Abishai have gone down into Saul’s camp in the dead of night and found everyone fast and deeply asleep (God did it – verse 12). Abishai wants to take advantage of the situation and kill Saul. This verse is part of David’s reply.

I’m stuck by the phrase “or his day will come that he dies” which the Living Bible translates “or he will die of old age”. David was anointed king years ago and miles away and battles ago. Saul is trying to kill him for no reason but jealously and spite. Nevertheless, unlike Abraham who took matters into his own hands by sleeping with Hagar to get a son, David is determined that God will take care of Saul. God will either strike him dead, or cause his death in battle. But even if David has to wait until Saul dies of old age, he will not rush God’s timetable. So speaks the man after God’s own heart. So should we.


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