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Psalm 74

God has rejected the people – cast them off.

The enemy has destroyed the sanctuary.

No miraculous signs – no prophets – almost no faith left.

The day and the night belong to God.

All creation belongs to God.

The seasons belong to God.

Rise up God, and defend what is Yours.


Psalm 73

God is good to those who are pure in heart.  If your motives and intentions are in God’s will, blessings follow.

The writer nearly lost his purity, nearly had evil motives and intentions enjoying the wicked.  Getting away with everything, even prospering, seemingly blessed. 

In Your sanctuary I understand.  These are the only blessings they’ll experience.  Soon they’ll be destroyed.

I am always with You.

You hold my hand.

You guide me with Your counsel.

You lead me to perfection.

There is nothing here on earth for me.

Everything I need is in heaven and You.

This body may fail, but God strengthens my Spirit.

The wicked prosper because God gave them their start and their own efforts were successful.  Perhaps Satan helped them prosper.  But they will not prosper forever.  God will step in one day.  Their efforts won’t be enough.  Satan will betray them.  God will either remove or move His hand.  Unless God is in it from the beginning and every step of the way, they will not be prosperous for long and they will never be truly prosperous.


Psalm 72

The king prays.  The leader.

Help me to judge as You would.

Help me to walk in Your righteousness.

The mountains and hills will provide for the people. 

The king will defend the afflicted, save the children of the needy and crush the oppressor. 

God will be feared as long as the sun and moon endure.

The king will be like showers to the earth – providing what is necessary for life.

While the king rules, those who follow God will flourish. 

The king rules over everything and everyone – other kings honor him and bring him gifts.

The people pray for him and bless him.

Praise be to God who empowers the king.


Dear God, please help us to pray this for our next President.

Psalm 71

Take refuge in God.  Cuddle up in Him.

Rescue and deliver.

Listen to me, save me.

God is a rock of refuge I can always go to.

God delivers from wicked, evil and cruel men.

God is my hope and confidence from youth to old age.

I will always have hope – I will praise You more each day.

Even though God has made me see troubles, He will restore me.

I will praise with the harp

                Sing praise with the lyre

                Shout for joy

                Sing praise to You

                Tell of your righteous acts all day long.

Psalm 70

Quickly God!

Save me from my disorganization.

Deliver me from my endless lists!

Rescue me from my negative thoughts.

I am my own worst enemy.  I seek my own life, ruin and hurt.

I am ashamed.  I am not living up to my full potential.

Put my inner enemies to shame.  Confuse them.  Confound them.  Turn negative thoughts away in

                disgrace.  Dishonor them.  Don’t let inner gremlins continue to mock me.

I seek You.  Help me to seek You every moment.  Water and fertilize and prune my love for You, Your salvation.

I will rejoice.  I will be glad in You.  I will choose to be happy and content. 

Let God be exalted! 

Let God be magnified in my life so that everyone may see You at work in me. 

What a wonderful God!

God is great!

I am poor in spirit.

I am poor in love.

I am poor in gratitude.

I am needy.  I need God. 

                                I need salvation.

                                I need help.

                                I need love.

                                I need joy.

Come quickly!

God Is my enricher, provider of abundance.

God is my deliverer.

Thanks be to God!