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Psalm 49

The message of this psalm is for everyone – noble and common men, rich and poor. It applies to both the same.

Don’t fear those who have earthly treasures. All the money in the world can’t buy salvation or eternal life. (Neither can all the good works in the world earn someone salvation or eternal life).

Everyone dies no matter what their status in life.

Those who trust in themselves or in their wealth will remain in the grave for eternity. Those who trust in God will have eternal life.

It’s all right to have riches, but you must have the understanding of God to go along with them.


Psalm 48

Great is God. Not just good. Superlative. Best.

Most worth of praise. If you’re going to praise anyone or anything, praise God. He deserves it.

The city of God is the prettiest city on the whole earth. Its beauty brings joy. Only the best for God.

God is the fortress of the beautiful city. He protects it.

The enemies of God were astounded when they saw what they were up against. They were destroyed by their own fear.

We go to church and think about, concentrate on, God’s unfailing love.

God’s judgments are fair and make people rejoice.

God is our God forever. He will guide us all the way to the end of our journey.

Psalm 47

Clap your hands – everyone – all nations, all races. Shout to God. Be loud. Be joyful.

God is awesome. Beyond words. Terrible. A great king ruling all the earth.

God defeated all of Israel’s enemies.

God chose the inheritances of the Israelites. He personally selects the choicest blessings for His people. He does the same for us here and now. Heaven is our inheritance. Abundant life is our blessing.

We need to be more joyful for Him.

We should sing more praises. God is our king.

God is king over all the earth. We should sing and praise Him.

God reigns over the nations. He reigns over everyone here on earth.

The leaders of every nation on earth belong to God. They should all exalt God and acknowledge Him.

Psalm 46

God is my refuge and my strength.
He surrounds me outside and inside.
He is always there to help.  Any and every moment of the day.
Therefore, there is no reason to fear the things of the earth or the things of the mean, or the things of God.

Be still and know God.

We are the city of God.  Therefore, there is a river to make us glad.  That river is the Word and Spirit of God.  All we have to do is reach out and take a cup to drink.

God is within us.  We will not fall.  God will help us at break of day.

God will melt our enemies.

God is with us.  He is our fortress.  Nothing can break through that fortress.  We are safe and secure.