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The Three Doors

God dwells in us and abides in us through the Holy Spirit.  He comes to dwell in us at the moment of conversion, but He’s shut away inside us and we must let Him out, we must consciously interact with Him, but how? 


I remembered Revelation 3:20 where Jesus stands at the door and knocks and I remembered the painting where the door handle is only on the inside.  So I saw the first door as the door to our soul – it is a hinged door that we pull open toward us to let Jesus and the Holy Spirit in.


Once we invite someone into our lives, we spend time together getting to know them, learning who they are, where they came from, how they think, what they believe.  I saw the door to my mind as a sliding door, like a closet or patio door.  A sliding door that removes our blinders (after all God’s thoughts are not our thoughts).  I slide the door open so we can freely exchange thoughts back and forth.


After we get to know someone, feelings develop and grow, so the third door is the door to our hearts.  I see it as a set of shutter doors that we unhook from the inside and push out to let our selfishness out and God’s love in.  The wider we open the doors, the more light comes in, the more fresh air and God’s love fills our hearts.  The more He can love us, the more we can love Him, love others and love ourselves.


Open the Doors

We all go through experiences in life that we would rather not repeat.  The death of a loved one, a surprising and painful rejection, a financial crisis.  We get through it and close the door on it behind us, hoping it never opens again.  Sometimes we shut the door of the experience while we’re in the midst of it in order to try and shut out the pain. 

God is in every experience, every situation.  He’s there to help us through it and to comfort us.  The problem with closing the door on an experience is that while we’re trying to block the pain and the unpleasantness, we shut God out. 

We rarely remember that God is bigger than our circumstances and we hardly believe it and we miss out on so much.  There is more that God could do for us if only we would open the door and let Him.        

We don’t realize that a door serves two purposes – it keeps out and it keeps in.  When we close the door on our unpleasant experiences, thinking that we’re shutting out the pain, we’re really shutting the pain (and ourselves) in.  We close the door of our heart to keep the pain out, but while we think our heart is closed to the pain, it’s also closed to God’s healing comfort and love.  We need to open the door to let the pain out and to allow God in.  There has to be a trade, a conscious stepping over the threshold from the pain to the God who longs to help us.

We need to open the door of our heart and step into God’s presence.

Open the door out of loneliness and into God’s companionship.

Open the door out of grief and into God’s comfort.

Open the door out of the pain of rejection and into God’s acceptance.

Open the door out of bitterness and into God’s forgiveness.

Open the door out of fear and into God’s encouragement.

Open the door out of emptiness and into God’s fullness.

Open the door out of lack and into God’s abundance of blessing.

Open the door out of discontent and into God’s contentment.

Open the door out of guilt and self-loathing and into God’s unconditional love.

The GPS Parable

I bought a GPS to help me drive to unfamiliar places. The GPS talks to me and tells me when and where to turn. I went to a conference in St. Charles – a place I’d never been to. The GPS didn’t seem to be connecting with the satellite from my apartment complex – too much interference. Doubting that I’d be able to get this high tech gadget to work, I went into Mapquest and printed directions. Lo and behold, as soon as I got away from the apartment, the satellite connection was made and I was in business. So I programmed the address and started out.

Dilemma! Mapquest and the GPS had conflicting opinions on the route I should take. I had a decision to make. To trust the map – where I could see the entire route – or to trust the GPS that was only giving me one section at a time. I decided the GPS had the latest and greatest information, put the paper map aside and trusted the voice giving me one direction at a time.

Mapquest is like the world. The world tells us the pathway to “success”. Follow these steps and you’ll achieve X. GPS is God’s Positioning Spirit. He knows exactly where I am. He sees the whole picture. He knows the best pathway. The problem is He only gives us one direction at a time and His directions often conflict with what the world thinks, says and does. So each of us has to decide – are we going to trust what we can see in the world, or are we going to trust God’s Positioning Spirit?

Depending on You

I’m depending on you
To believe I exist
To admit your sin
To ask for forgiveness
To believe you’re forgiven

I’m depending on you
To accept My gift
The gift of My Son’s death on the cross for your sins
To allow My Spirit to fill you and guide you
To spend eternity in heaven with Me

I’m depending on you
To see Me in the world around you
To listen to My voice
To follow My lead
To believe I love you

I’m depending on you
To love others like I love you
To be a light to people
To be an example for them to follow
To tell them about Me

I have something special
I have gifted you to do
You’re the only one who can do it
If you don’t, it won’t get done

I’m depending on you to depend on Me
Depend on Me to teach you what you need to know
Depend on Me to love you and comfort you and treasure you
Depend on Me to take care of you and give you what you need
Depend on Me, because I’m depending on You