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Praying Psalm 1

Show me, Abba, who is wicked. Show me who is righteous. Show me whose counsel to trust. Ultimately, the only counsel I should trust is Yours. Help me to walk in Your ways.

Show me which path is the sinner’s and which is the path I should be on. Help me to clear the brush and tramp through the undergrowth from the sinner’s path to Your path.

Keep me, Abba, from scoffing at anyone or anything. Teach me to stop, look and seek Your opinion before I offer my own, or even start to formulate my own.

Make Your law my delight. Help me to learn it. Show me how to make more time for it, day and night.

Right now, parts of my life feel like a freshly potted houseplant. Blow on me and I’ll uproot. I need to spend time in Your Word and in prayer so I can grow some roots.

Something inside tells me that I have a lot of fruit to yield. Yet I fell that I have much to learn yet before the fruit will ripen. What I don’t know is how much of this holding back is You telling me to learn and grow and how much is me being scared.

I feel withered right now. Worn out physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – did I leave anything out? If I spent time in the Word and in prayer, I would start to perk up – just like my houseplants.

I sure do need to prosper – right now. I’m not getting anything accomplished.

The wind isn’t driving me away, but it sure is buffeting me. Please calm the wind in me, just as You calmed the storm on the Sea of Galilee.


The Biblical Heart

Psalm 4:4

“Meditate in your heart upon your bed and be still.” (NAS)
“Commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still.” (Scofield)
“Lie quietly upon your bed in silent meditation.“ (TLB)

I decided I wanted to learn more about the heart, so I dug out my concordance, and made some notes:

Toward evening, Isaac meditated in his heart, alone in the field, away from the crowd of his clan, close to nature and God. (Genesis 24:63)

“The righteous man meditates in the law of the Lord day and night.” (Psalm 1:2 – emphasis mine)

Psalm 19:14 is a plea that “the meditation of my heart” be acceptable in God’s sight.

The heart in Old Testament culture referred to desire and the mind.
God looks at the heart.

The heart is where sin and deceit originates.

The heart should be understanding, wholly devoted and serving, clean, broken and contrite, a treasure house for God’s Word, joyful, pure, gentle, humble and sincere.

God knows the secrets of the heart, can create a clean heart, and will not ignore a contrite and broken heart.

The heart affects body and mind (a joyful heart is good medicine).

Mary pondered in her heart and treasured things.

The disciples were pierced to the heart.

With the heart man believes.

Christ dwells in our hearts.

The heart and mind are to be guarded.

The Lord directs our hearts.

The heart has thoughts and intentions; experiences and produces emotions and states of being.

According to a Bible dictionary, the heart is the seat of the intellect (thoughts and intentions), the feelings (comfort), and the will (seeking). The heart is the innermost being (pierced). The heart is the whole moral nature of fallen man (deceitful).

I have no idea what a God so loving would want with my heart, but He does want it. He wanted it so much He sent His only Son to die on the cross for my sins so that my heart can be made pure for Him and for heaven. So I think for Valentine’s Day, I’ll work on meditating in my heart and allowing God more room to work His love in it and through it.

No one on earth loves us like God loves us!

It’s a Stewardship

I was updating the company checkbook balance, checking the online account balance and noticed a double charge. I asked, and it’s incorrect, so I’ll have to watch it tomorrow and make arrangements to fix it. I was told it was a good catch.

“It’s a stewardship” popped into my head a few minutes later. It’s a thought that has taken over in my mind, for the more I think “stewardship”, the more things I think of that the word applies to.

My relationship with You is a stewardship. You’re counting on me to spend time with You, to learn and grow. You’re depending on me to spend time in the Word and in prayer.

My health is a stewardship. I am charged with taking care of my body, Your temple. My mental health depends on my trusting every circumstance to You. My emotional health improves when I snuggle up in Your love for me and believe You are abundant and faithful.

My finances and my home are a stewardship You have entrusted to me.

The people in my life are a stewardship from You. You have arranged us in each other’s lives for a blessing, for learning, for comfort and encouragement.

My job is also a stewardship from You. You placed me here to protect the company, to guide it to solid financial ground and keep it there. You have put me here to watch over it for You and to help it to grow, to return a profit for You.

Teaching and writing is stewardship You have given me. There are truths You want explained and told to people that only I can convey with the gifts You have given me.

What a tremendous responsibility! Yet obviously one You have determined that I can accomplish, for You don’t equip us for failure, but for success.