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Psalm 119 – Heth

(Heth is the eighth letter of the Hebrew alphabet)

You are my portion O Lord. You are mine. Portion – an individual’s part or share of something; an individual’s lot, fate, or fortune. You are my part, my share of life. My lot, fate and fortune is You. You are my life.
I have promised to obey Your word.
I have sought Your face with all my heart;
Be gracious to me according to Your promise, Your word.
I have considered and thought about my ways
and have turned my steps to Your word.
I will hasten and not delay
to obey Your word.
Though the wicked bind me with ropes (of temptation)
I will not forget Your word.
At midnight I rise to give You thanks
for Your righteous word.
I am a friend to all who fear You.
to all who follow Your precepts, Your word.
The earth is filled with Your love, O Lord.
Teach me Your word.



“And Jesus said to him, ‘The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head’” Luke 9:58

Having just shared my home for the last month with a woman in need, I find myself resuming the rhythm of home and resonating with this verse. I’m sorry, Jesus, that You had no place to call home. That must have been so difficult to always be travelling and never know where You’d be sleeping. Ok, so You always knew. It must have been difficult not having a special place to call home. It would have been easier once You had Your network built up – Peter’s house, Lazarus’, but did You ever long for Your own room or a home of Your own? Did You ever long to retreat to Nazareth and Your old room and routine?

On second thought, this world was never Your home. Heaven is. Did You ever miss it while You were here? You must have – who couldn’t help but miss the perfect home? Did You ever get so frustrated with us or so terribly hurt by us that all You wanted to do was run back to Abba?

I’m sorry You had to leave home and be away for so long. Then again, thirty-three years wouldn’t have seemed that long when a thousand years is like a day to You. (Psalm 90:4; II Peter 3:8)

I’m sorry You had to come. I’m sorry You had to die such a terrible death for my horrid sins. I’m sorry I don’t appreciate Your sacrifice more. I’m sorry I’m not more grateful. Thank You for giving up Your precious home for so long (from my perspective) so that I could live in heaven with You in my new room in Your mansion. Thank You for sharing Your home with me for eternity.

Psalm 119 – Zayin

(Zayin is the seventh letter of the Hebrew alphabet)

Remember Your word to Your servant,
For Your word has given me hope.
My comfort in my suffering is this:
Your word preserves my life.
The arrogant mock me without restraint,
But I do not turn from Your word.
I remember Your word O Lord
And I find comfort in them.
I’m angry about the wicked
Who have forsaken Your word.
Your word is the theme of my song
Wherever I stay the night.
In the night, I remember Your name O Lord,
I will keep Your word.
This has been my practice:
I obey Your word.

Psalm 119 – Waw

(Waw is the sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet)

Unfailing love – no matter what love
unconditional love

May it come to me. May I be open to receive it.
God’s unfailing love is our salvation and it is promised to us.
When Your love and salvation come to me, then I will answer the one who taunts me, for I trust in Your word, in Your love, and in Your salvation.
Let me be able to speak about You when the opportunity comes, for I have put my hope in Your word.
I will always obey Your word forever.
I will walk about in freedom from sin, for I have sought out Your word.
I will speak of Your word before kings and will not be put to shame,
For I delight in Your word because I love it.
I lift up my hands to Your word, which I love,
I meditate on Your word.