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Psalm 146

Praise the Lord O my soul.
I will praise the Lord all my life and sing praise to God as long as I live – each and every day.

Don’t put your trust in rulers, in mortal men who cannot save.
When their spirit departs, they return to dust and then their plans come to nothing.

Blessed is he whose help is God, whose hope is in God.
The God who made heaven earth and sea and everything in them.
God remains forever faithful.
God upholds the cause of the oppressed, gives food to the hungry, sets the       prisoners free, gives sight to the blind, lifts up those bowed down, loves the   righteous, watches over the alien, sustains the widow and fatherless,   frustrates the ways of the wicked.
God upholds the cause of sinlessness, gives the food of the Word, sets us   free from sin, gives sight to us to see His way, lifts us up from our burdens,   loves us, watches over us, sustains us and frustrates our enemies.

God reigns forever over all generations.

Praise God.


The Proof that I am not Alone

From the very beginning I thought the wedding was in Elgin. Got the invitation months ago, read it, planted Elgin in my mind. The week of the wedding I heard the bride tell someone the wedding was in Elk Grove Village. Panic set it. Elgin was a lot closer. Elk Grove Village was a lot farther. I rushed to the computer to get directions. Two choices. Route 12 or Route 62. I wasn’t as familiar with 12. 62 was familiar, but two lanes through a lot of forest preserves. Not appealing for driving alone late on a Saturday night.

I went home and checked for hotel rooms. Booked solid. With the easy solution unavailable, I began to pray for the next step. There was no way I was not going. Do I look for a hotel room somewhere close by, or do I drive? The more I thought about driving, the more I began to think of all the nasty things that might happen. A woman driving alone on a dark two lane highway…so many possibilities. I worked on casting them down and out.

By Friday, I wasn’t any closer to knowing what to do, so I decided that if I heard the word “hotel” that morning either at work, or on the radio (as in “Hotel California”), I’d find a room and if not, I’d trust and drive. It was a busy morning, and before I knew it, it was time to head home. As I was locking up, and closed the door behind me, it dawned on me I had not heard the word “hotel”. I was driving.

I continued to fight the spiritual warfare battle. I was driving and God would protect me. I kept repeating verses and assurances and affirmations. As I began to get ready to leave, I got more and more nervous. I brought my walking shoes to drive in (and run in if I got into any trouble). By the time I got in the car and set up the GPS, my heart was pounding. Deep breath. Put in address. Back up. Start out.

On the way to Route 62, I was directed to turn left on Main Street to get to Route 62, but there was a road work sign that Main Street was closed at Route 62. I went straight and was sent to Route 72. Look! Four to six lanes!
When it was time to head for home, I prayed before pulling out asking God to go before me, be at my side and be my rear guard. And please let me have someone to follow the whole way. Had no problem finding my way back to Route 72 – one obstacle out of the way. Now to get home. Four to six lanes, traffic, someone to follow, well-lit – I began to relax.

Then, I was stopped at the second light from my house and could relax more fully. I began to laugh, for I had just driven 34-35 miles on two major rural routes and this was the first stoplight that was red! Not a single stop the entire way! Not only did God get me home safely, He did it in 50 minutes instead of 75!

“For the Lord will go before you, and the God of Israel will be your rear guard.” (Isaiah 52:12b) No, I was not alone. I am never alone.

Psalm 125

Those who trust in the Lord (who rely on Him for everything) are like Mount Zion (the toughest mountain in the world) which cannot be shaken, but endures forever.

As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds His people – tall, strong, protective.  God surrounds now and forevermore.

The scepter of the wicked will not remain over the land allotted to the righteous, for then the righteous might use their hands to do evil.  God won’t allow the wicked to have the upper hand for long – this is to keep us from temptation.

Do good, O Lord, to those who are good, to those who are upright in heart, to those who try to follow and obey you.

But those who turn to crooked ways (not evil, just crooked) the Lord will banish with the evildoers.

Peace be upon us.

Psalm 92

It is good:

To give thanks to God

To praise the Lord

To make music in God’s honor

To proclaim God’s love in the morning

To proclaim God’s faithfulness at night

To express gladness about God’s deeds

To sing for joy about God’s works

To marvel at how profound God’s thoughts are

To pity those who don’t understand

To rejoice that the evil enemies will perish

To flourish like a palm tree

To tell all that God is upright

To trust in the Rock

Psalm 91 Deeper

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High

I dwell. We all dwell. The question is where. We either dwell out on our own or we dwell in God’s presence. If we are in fellowship with God, then we dwell in God’s shelter. We are protected by the Most High. The Perfect One. The One with the best point of view. He can see the farthest because He is the highest up. Who better to trust than the One who knows the most and the best?

will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

When we dwell in God’s shelter, we rest in His shadow. We can relax. We rest out of the heat and under, covered by God’s shadow. The shadow of the Almighty. All powerful. All strong. We can rest because God will take care of everything. And He has the most and the best qualifications.

I will say of the Lord

I can tell everyone about my relationship with God – and I should.

“He is my refuge and my fortress…

God is my refuge. God is where I can go for peace and quiet, to get away from it all. God is my fortress. God protects me from the world. He surrounds me with loving care, and provides for all my needs. A refuge is a quick place you duck into to find shelter. A fortress is a place built intentionally for the purposes of exceptional security. The Hebrew word for fortress is metsuda with one of its definitions being an “inaccessible place”.

my God in whom I trust.”

He is my God. My Daddy. My friend. I trust in Him. Let go and let God. Let go of imperfection and let His perfection take over.

He will cover you with His pinions…
Feathers tickle! Feathers are warm. The person of God is warm, fuzzy and full of fun.

His faithfulness is a shield and bulwark.

The character of God is like steel.

Psalm 91

If we dwell (live, abide, stay, rest) in the shelter (refuge, home, protection) of God, we will rest in His shadow (where it’s cool and refreshing).
God is my refuge – where I can go to be safe and hide from my enemies and rest up for the next skirmish.
God is my fortress – where I am fully protected.

I trust in God. To shelter me.
To give me rest.
To shade me with His shadow.
To be my refuge.
To be my fortress.
To protect me and keep me safe.

God will save from snares and traps.
God will save from deadly plagues.
God will cover me with soft feathers.
God will keep me safe, dry and warm under His wings.
God is faithful – always there when I need Him. His faithfulness will be my shield and bunker.

There’s nothing to be afraid of at night. We don’t have to fear Satan’s arrows he sends out at day – God’s faithful shield and rampart will deflect them as we use their protection – if we dwell in Him.
We will watch the wicked fall, but we will not be one of them – if we dwell in Him.
God will command His angels (plural) to guard and to lift us up – out of danger – out of depression.

As we live God – He rescues.
As we give God credit – He protects.
As we call on God – He answers.

He is with us in trouble.
He delivers us.
He honors us
He gives us long life.
He satisfies.
He shows us His salvation.

Psalm 86

Hear me.  Answer me.  For I am poor in spirit and needy of Your love, grace, mercy and wisdom. 

Guard my life for I am Your devoted servant who trusts in You.

Have mercy on me for I call to You in prayer all day long. 

Bring joy to Your servant for I lift up my soul to You in praise.

God is forgiving and good and has abundant life for those who call to Him. 

God is the best of all the gods.  All nations will come and worship Him.

Teach me Your way, to walk in Your trust.  Give me an undivided heart – not split between the world and You.  I will praise You with all of my undivided heart. 

God is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abundant in love and faithfulness.