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Psalm 105

Give thanks to the Lord.
Thank You for past, present and future.
Thank You for family and friends.
Thank You for home and work.
Thank You for salvation and heaven.

Call on His name.
Abba, Father. Jehovah God. Lord God Almighty.

Come. Look upon Your servant. Bless, teach, guide.

Make known what He has done.
God has sowed. God has blessed. Goad has taught. God has disciplined.

Tell of all his wonderful acts.
In grammar school, He kept me from being hit by a car.
In high school and college, He kept me safe as I travelled through unsafe neighborhoods.
He helped me do well in school.
He guided my career and found my jobs.
He brought my husband and me together at the right time.
He guided my husband’s careers and found his jobs.
He guided my parents and led them safely to heaven.
He separated my husband and me at the right time.
He rebuilt my life.

Glory in His name. Seek the Lord and rejoice. Look to the Lord and to His strength.

Remember His wonders, His miracles and His judgments.
Remember your history has been charted by God.
Keep His precepts. Observe His laws.

Praise the Lord!

Psalm 86

Hear me.  Answer me.  For I am poor in spirit and needy of Your love, grace, mercy and wisdom. 

Guard my life for I am Your devoted servant who trusts in You.

Have mercy on me for I call to You in prayer all day long. 

Bring joy to Your servant for I lift up my soul to You in praise.

God is forgiving and good and has abundant life for those who call to Him. 

God is the best of all the gods.  All nations will come and worship Him.

Teach me Your way, to walk in Your trust.  Give me an undivided heart – not split between the world and You.  I will praise You with all of my undivided heart. 

God is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abundant in love and faithfulness. 

Psalm 77 Prayer

Dear Abba,

I don’t spend a lot of time crying out to You. Oh, I cry out once in a while. But I never stick with it, never follow through to the end. I usually just quit and go back to the way things were. I do that in everything in my life.
At night, I’d rather pretend I’m someone else than spend time with You. In the morning, I’d rather sleep and dream than spend time with You.

In the big crises of my life, I’ve spent more time pleading than usual. But I still quit halfway through. Just like my golf swing – I stop when I hit the ball and don’t pay attention to the follow through. I spend a lot of time thinking about how things used to be. Perhaps that is what prevents my follow through.

I’m very good at jumping to conclusions. But really, I don’t even get that far. I just assume that whatever I’ve prayed for must not be in Your will, and give up. Like a rag doll, I just fall limply where I’m laid.

Even now, at this moment, I’m ready to stop and go on to something else. My mind is ready to wander away. Ready and totally willing.

Remember the deeds of the Lord. His miracles. Forget the bad. Concentrate on the good. Parents. Their love and care. Your keeping me from being hit by that car in grammar school. Eighth grade office assistant. I gave all that glory to You – no way I earned any of it. High school valedictorian. Beloved husband. Mom’s death – and a double rainbow. Foster child. Dad’s death – and a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. Best friendship. Best house. Best job.

Yes, the glory is Yours. But then again, these are all things I have worked on and followed through on. I have done it. I can do it. Show me Abba. Show me how to move forward. Lead me by the hand Abba – just as you did Moses and Aaron.

Psalm 77

Cry out to God for help.
Cry out to God to hear.
In distress? Seek the lord. At night, stretch out your hands untiringly. Perhaps your soul refuses to be comforted – keep crying out.

Remember God. Groan. Muse. Your spirit may grow faint.
Your eyes may not close. You may be too troubled to speak.
Thinking about how things used to be?
Remember how you used to sing songs of praise, love, and adoration in the night?

Doubt creeps in. Impatience.
Will the Lord reject forever?
Will He never show His favor again?
Has His unfailing love vanished forever?
Has His promise failed for all time?
Has God forgotten to be merciful?
Is He angry and has He withheld His compassion?

Now is the time to appeal. At the lowest point.
Remember the deeds of the Lord and His miracles in your life.
Meditate on God’s works – consider each one.
Spend as much time and effort thinking about the good as doubting and questioning.

God is holy and great.
God performs miracles.
God displays His power among the peoples.
God redeems us.
Creation submits to and reflects God.
God leads like a shepherd leading a flock.

Psalm 65

David has praises waiting for God.
David has vows to keep.
God hears prayers and all men will come to Him.
When sin filled most of our lives, God forgave us.
He chose us to be brought near to Him, to serve Him – blessings are ours!
Now, instead of being filled with sin, we are filled with the good things of God’s house.

We call to God – He answers us with awesome deeds.
The hope of God reaches to the ends of the earth and the last drop of the ocean.
God’s strength and power can build mountains, calm seas, and bring peace to nations.
God cares for the land and enriches it. Abundantly.
Furrows and ridges
Bounty overflowing
Desert grasslands
Hills clothed with gladness
Meadows covered with flocks
Valleys mantled with grain

You are praised with silence in Zion, O Elohim.

(Strange, I’ve never thought of silence as praise. I’ve always thought of praises as having sound.)