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Psalm 107

Give thanks to the Lord because He is good.
Give thanks to the Lord because His love endures forever.
I am a redeemed of the Lord – redeemed from my foes.
Some were homeless. They cried – He gave them a home.
Some were prisoners in punishment. They cried – He forgave them and set them free.
Some rebelled away from God. They cried – He healed them.
Some were at sea. They cried – He stilled the storm.
He curses and punishes the wicked.
He blesses and rewards the upright.


Psalm 70

Quickly God!

Save me from my disorganization.

Deliver me from my endless lists!

Rescue me from my negative thoughts.

I am my own worst enemy.  I seek my own life, ruin and hurt.

I am ashamed.  I am not living up to my full potential.

Put my inner enemies to shame.  Confuse them.  Confound them.  Turn negative thoughts away in

                disgrace.  Dishonor them.  Don’t let inner gremlins continue to mock me.

I seek You.  Help me to seek You every moment.  Water and fertilize and prune my love for You, Your salvation.

I will rejoice.  I will be glad in You.  I will choose to be happy and content. 

Let God be exalted! 

Let God be magnified in my life so that everyone may see You at work in me. 

What a wonderful God!

God is great!

I am poor in spirit.

I am poor in love.

I am poor in gratitude.

I am needy.  I need God. 

                                I need salvation.

                                I need help.

                                I need love.

                                I need joy.

Come quickly!

God Is my enricher, provider of abundance.

God is my deliverer.

Thanks be to God!