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Elijah is Taken to Heaven (II Kings 2:1-14)

Elijah had anointed Elisha to be his successor and had discipled him.  On his last day on earth, Elijah tells Elisha to stay behind because God is sending him to Bethel.  Elisha replies that as God and Elijah live, he will not abandon him, and off they go.  Twice more Elijah tells Elisha to stay behind and twice more he refuses.

Elijah doesn’t tell Elisha that God is taking him today, but all the other disciples of the prophets do.  Elisha tells them he knows and to be quiet. 

What a difference Roman rule made in the lives of prophets and disciples.  Elijah tells Elisha to stay.  Jesus told the disciples to follow Him.  Elijah never told Elisha he was leaving, but Elisha knew, admitted it and understood.  Jesus told His disciples plainly that He would be betrayed to the Jewish authorities and crucified, but they never got it.  No matter how many times Jesus told them He would be crucified and rise again, they couldn’t believe the resurrection. 

There are similarities.  Three times Elijah told Elisha to stay and he loyally refused.  Three times Peter denied Jesus.  Three times Jesus asked Peter if he loved Him.  Both Elisha and Peter made the same promise to not abandon their master.  After Elijah’s departure, Elisha received a double portion of Elijah’s spirit.  After Jesus’ departure, Peter was able to do Jesus’ miracles and more (John 14:12).  So can we.