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Miscellaneous Genesis Revealings

“And the earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep; and the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.”  Genesis 1:2

What kind of hovering?  How did You hover?  Contemplatively?  Lazy river?  Protective?  The Hebrew word means to brood.  Brood has several meanings:

Brood can mean to sit on or incubate, Holy Spirit incubating the earth, keeping it warm so it would be ready for creation.  The earth inside the womb of the Holy Spirit, and therefore inside the womb of God.

Brood can mean a bird covering its young with its wings.  Protective, comforting.  An image used in both the Old and New Testaments.

Brood can also mean to sit quietly and thoughtfully, to meditate.  Did You review all the changes the earth would go through?  How did it make You feel?  Amazed?  Disappointing?  Angry? Sad?  Sad enough for the other meaning of brood to apply?

The Hebrew word can also mean to be relaxed – So it was a kind of lazy river!


“Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves loin coverings.”  Genesis 3:7

Odd.  One of the reasons Eve took the fruit from the tree was because it was desirable for gaining wisdom.  The first new knowledge they acquire when their eyes are opened is evil, not good – they were naked, that was shameful, and they needed to cover themselves.

They ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, not realizing or understanding that all they knew up to this point was good and they hadn’t yet encountered anything even remotely evil.  You would think they’d want to skip the knowledge of evil altogether, but apparently the allure of knowing as much as God was greater than the fear of the unknown evil.


“If Cain is avenged sevenfold, then Lamech seventy-seven fold.”  Genesis 4:24

Wow.  Talk about arrogance!  Lamech has killed a young man for injuring him (apparently not a life-threatening injury) – hardly an offense worthy of death, which means there are grounds for questioning the killing.  Cain being avenged sevenfold was God’s pronouncement, not his own.  Now, six generations later, Lamech claims seventy-seven fold (eleven times as much) for himself.  How arrogant!



Psalm 111

I will extol the Lord with all my heart – with everything I am. I will extol Him in the public meeting.

God’s works are great. If you delight in them, you ponder them.

His deeds are glorious, perfect, majestic. His righteousness endures forever. His wonders are so wonderful, no one can forget them. He is gracious and compassionate. He provides food. He remembers and keeps His promises and covenants. He has shown us the power of His Works. His works are faithful and just. His precepts, laws are trustworthy. God is steadfast, faithful and upright. He provides redemption for us.

Knowing God is the beginning of wisdom. Follow His precepts and you’ll have good understanding. He deserves eternal praise.

Psalm 104

Praise the Lord my soul. Here’s why:
God is very great
God is clothed with splendor and majesty
God wraps Himself in light
The heavens are God’s tent
The clouds are God’s chariots
God rides on the wings of the wind
God makes wind His messenger
God makes fire His servant
God set the earth on its foundation so it can’t be moved
God covered the earth with oceans higher than the mountains
At God’s word the waters receded to where He assigned them
God set a boundary for the waters
God makes springs to flow between the mountains into ravines
God waters the animals
God provides nests for the birds
God waters the mountains from heaven
God satisfies the earth with His work and its fruit
God grows grass for the cattle
God grows plants for man to cultivate
God brings forth food
God brings forth wine to gladden hearts
God brings forth oil to make faces shine
God brings forth bread to sustain hearts
God waters His trees that He planted
Birds make their nests in the trees that God planted
The stork has its home in the pine trees
The high mountains belong to the high goats
The crags are a refuge for the rock badgers
The moon marks off the seasons
The sun knows when to go down
God brings darkness and at night the beast of the forest prowl
The lions roar for their prey and seek their food from God
The sun rises, the beasts of the forest return to their dens, and man goes out to his work until evening.

God’s works are many!
God made them in wisdom
The earth is full of God’s creatures
The sea teems with creatures beyond number – large and small
The ships go to and fro in the vast and spacious sea
The sea monster frolics there
All creatures look to God for their food
When You give they gather and are satisfied
When You hide their face, they are terrified
When You take away their breath, they die and return to dust
When You send Your spirit, they are created and renewed

God’s glory endures forever
God rejoices in his work
God looks at the earth and it trembles
God touches the mountains and they smoke

Sing praise all your life
Rejoice and make your meditation pleasing
Sinner and wicked will vanish

Praise the Lord!

Psalm 96

Sing a new song to the Lord – new creatures should sing new songs.  Praise God’s name – proclaim His salvation.  Tell someone every day that He saves, that He does amazing things.

God is great and worthy of praise.  He is more than any other god for our God created heaven.

Give to God His due praise.  Give God the glory.  Give God credit for His strength.  Bring an offering, come into His courts, worship.  His holiness has more splendor than the most beautiful creation.

Tell the nations that God is in charge and will judge fairly.

All creation praises God – The heavens rejoice

The earth is glad

The sea resounds

The creatures of the sea resound

The fields are jubilant

The trees of the forest sing for joy

God is coming to judge the earth.

Psalm 95

Sing for joy
Shout aloud
Come before Him with thanksgiving
Extol Him with music and song
Make a joyful noise

The Lord is the great God
The Lord is the great King
The Lord is above all gods
The earth’s core is in God’s hands
The mountain peaks belong to God
God made the sea
God’s hands formed the dry land

Bow down and worship
Kneel before our Maker
He is our God
We are the people of His pasture, the flock under His care. He cares for us as a shepherd cares for his sheep.

Today if you hear God’s voice, listen – or else you may spend forty years wandering in the desert, never reaching your goal even though it’s close and within reach.

Be righteous and God will light your way.
Have upright motives in your heart and you’ll have joy.
Praise God’s name.

Psalm 90

God has been our dwelling place, our home, since the beginning of time.  It is God who gives us comfort, not our standard of living.  God was there before the first mountain, before the earth was made.  He made the earth. 

“Mountains were born”.  What a wonderful way to put it.  You gave birth to the earth.  For You, giving birth wasn’t painful, but a wonderfully fulfilling experience.  The pain came later – when each of us broke Your heart.

Man starts from a speck of dust and returns to dust.  Time has no length for You.  A thousand years to us is only a day to You, or a four watch at night.  Man’s life is like grass, up in the morning, withered by nightfall.

You are angry with us, indignant.  Our secret sins come to light in Your presence. 

Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.  (Isn’t it odd that in Hebrew “heart” is masculine and “wisdom” feminine?  In our culture, men are portrayed as smarter and women as softer.) Teach us to count time as precious – to do what is important.  A heart of wisdom that knows what is important and how to set priorities.

God has compassion on his servants.  His unfailing love can satisfy us in the morning and fill us with joy all day.  Makes us glad for our trials and tribulations for they show Your care and concern. 

God’s favor and beauty rests on us and God establishes the work of our hands and gives us success in all we work at.



Creation Revealings

Genesis 1:14 – “Then God said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night, and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days and years.’” (NASB)

 The sun, moons and stars were to distinguish day from night, seasons and time.  They were also created to be signs – not just to be symbols, but to be miracles.  The sun, moon and stars were to provide awe-inspiring events – events that brought God to people’s attention.  The sun, moon and stars were created to demonstrate God’s control.  God meant for the ordinary, everyday things to inspire awe in us, bring Him to our attention and remind us that He is sovereign. 


Genesis 1:21 – “And God created the great sea monsters, and every living creature that moves, with which the water swarmed after their kind, and every winged birds after its kind; and God saw that it was good.”  (NASB)

 The Hebrew word that’s translated “creature” here is nephesh, meaning a breathing creature.  It’s a feminine noun meaning breath, the inner being with its thoughts and emotions.  The Scriptures view a person as a composite whole, fully relating to God and not divided in any way.

 People were intended to be a composite whole – fits with shalom, a state of well-being.  People were intended to fully relate to God – with every part of the composite, in every aspect and situation.  We were intended to not be divided in any way – a united mind, a united heart, a united will – completely at one with God.


Genesis 1:22 – “And God blessed them, saying, ‘Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and let birds multiply on the earth.’”  (NASB)

 The Hebrew word for blessed derives from the noun for knee and suggests the bending of the knee in blessing.

 The God of the universe got down on one knee to bless the fish and the birds!  I can picture it – God, on one knee, blessing, gently releasing the fish to the seas and the birds to the air.  What a tender God!