Come and See!

Come and see! Come and see!

An excited (ok, extremely excited) voice calls out. Something new has been discovered by the voice, or perhaps something old has been seen in an entirely different way and has captured their heart and their imagination. Something monumental and previously thought to be impossible has been accomplished.

Whatever it is, you can be sure it is absolutely wonderful and that it’s an experience that just has to be shared. And so the voice rings out, “Come and see! Come and see!”

Our response is absolutely critical to the voice. What will it be?
Not now, I’m really busy.
In a minute.
See what?
Maybe later.
Just a second.
As soon as I finish this.

Do you remember a time when the voice was a child’s? Did you see or hear the whoosh of enthusiasm disappearing as you burst their balloon of excitement with your pin of indifference?

No go back and re-read this, imagining that the voice is God’s. Listen carefully, and you’ll hear the same whoosh of enthusiasm disappearing. Look carefully, and you’ll see the disappointment of a joyous gift missed.

God is constantly calling to us. He desires to share so much with us. The wonder of creation, the light in a human spirit, the tenderness of love. Miracles abound. We miss them because we don’t come when He calls.

Come and see! Come and see! Come and see what God is doing!

Come and see! Come and see! The tomb is empty! Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!

Come and see!


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