Psalm 94

God take vengeance.  It belongs to You.  Shine God of vengeance.  Let everyone see Your glory.  Rise up where the earth can see You.  Pay the proud back – take them down a notch or two (or three).  Right now the wicked triumph and are jubilant, but not for long. 

The arrogant speak wickedly, arrogantly.  “See what I did, what I can get away with.  I’m better than the widow, alien and fatherless.  God has no part here.”

Careful!  God created hearing, how can He not hear?  God created eyes, how can He not see?  God disciplines nations, how can He not punish you?  God knows how we think, how can He not know all things?  God knows how we think, how futile our plans are, how limited. 

Blessed is he whom God disciplines, teaches.  He is granted relief until a pit is dug for the wicked.  God will not reject His own.  We are His inheritance, His future.  Judgment will be based on righteousness and the upright in heart will follow it. 

Only God rises up in my defense, He stands up for me.  Unless God had helped me – I’d be dead.  His love supported me.  His consolation turned my anxiety into joy. 

Even under a corrupt government, God is my fortress, rock and refuge.  The God of vengeance will repay the wicked, and destroy them.


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