Psalm 91

If we dwell (live, abide, stay, rest) in the shelter (refuge, home, protection) of God, we will rest in His shadow (where it’s cool and refreshing).
God is my refuge – where I can go to be safe and hide from my enemies and rest up for the next skirmish.
God is my fortress – where I am fully protected.

I trust in God. To shelter me.
To give me rest.
To shade me with His shadow.
To be my refuge.
To be my fortress.
To protect me and keep me safe.

God will save from snares and traps.
God will save from deadly plagues.
God will cover me with soft feathers.
God will keep me safe, dry and warm under His wings.
God is faithful – always there when I need Him. His faithfulness will be my shield and bunker.

There’s nothing to be afraid of at night. We don’t have to fear Satan’s arrows he sends out at day – God’s faithful shield and rampart will deflect them as we use their protection – if we dwell in Him.
We will watch the wicked fall, but we will not be one of them – if we dwell in Him.
God will command His angels (plural) to guard and to lift us up – out of danger – out of depression.

As we live God – He rescues.
As we give God credit – He protects.
As we call on God – He answers.

He is with us in trouble.
He delivers us.
He honors us
He gives us long life.
He satisfies.
He shows us His salvation.


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