Psalm 90

God has been our dwelling place, our home, since the beginning of time.  It is God who gives us comfort, not our standard of living.  God was there before the first mountain, before the earth was made.  He made the earth. 

“Mountains were born”.  What a wonderful way to put it.  You gave birth to the earth.  For You, giving birth wasn’t painful, but a wonderfully fulfilling experience.  The pain came later – when each of us broke Your heart.

Man starts from a speck of dust and returns to dust.  Time has no length for You.  A thousand years to us is only a day to You, or a four watch at night.  Man’s life is like grass, up in the morning, withered by nightfall.

You are angry with us, indignant.  Our secret sins come to light in Your presence. 

Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.  (Isn’t it odd that in Hebrew “heart” is masculine and “wisdom” feminine?  In our culture, men are portrayed as smarter and women as softer.) Teach us to count time as precious – to do what is important.  A heart of wisdom that knows what is important and how to set priorities.

God has compassion on his servants.  His unfailing love can satisfy us in the morning and fill us with joy all day.  Makes us glad for our trials and tribulations for they show Your care and concern. 

God’s favor and beauty rests on us and God establishes the work of our hands and gives us success in all we work at.




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