Psalm 89

I will sing of God’s great, steadfast love, mercies, and tender kindness forever – as long as I live and beyond.  I will tell young and old alike of Your faithfulness and blessings.  Gods’ love stands firm forever.  Your faithfulness began in heaven and reaches down to us.

You have made a covenant with Your chosen ones.  First with David, now with us – to give us a special home in heaven.

The heavens praise the wonders and miracles of God.   No heavenly being is like God.  God is mighty, strong and faithful. 

God rules the oceans, even when they’re stormy.  You scatter Your earthly enemies.  Heaven and earth are Yours for You made them. 

You reign with righteousness and justice

                                love and faithfulness

                                mercy and truth

Blessed are those who acknowledge You, they shall walk in the light of Your presence, rejoice in Your name, exult in Your righteousness.  They shall be happy to know You.  Proud to be part of You.  You are our glory, perfection, strength. 

As long as David and his sons followed God, there would be good and blessings.  If they disobeyed, strayed away, there would be punishment, but even still, love.  No matter how bad we get, God still loves us, and is still faithful to us.

Life is short.  Stick close to God.  Life is easier that way.


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