Before Christmas

“Father, it’s a breathtaking galaxy You’ve designed and created, but I feel it’s not yet complete.  Something’s missing.”

“Yes, I know exactly what You mean, and I have an idea.”

There is silence as the plan unfolds before Him.  Father closely watches the Son’s reaction, occasionally looking up to see the Spirit’s expression.  Jesus’ face is like a kaleidoscope – amazement, wonder, joy, deep sorrow.  In the Spirit’s face He sees total acceptance and notices that He now looks to Jesus for His response.  Spirit is already interceding, already strengthening and helping.

Jesus takes a deep breath.  “I only have one question – why?”

Father looks intently into the face He loves, and replies with a single word.  “Love”.

Jesus takes a deeper breath.  “Father, it’s a beautiful planet You’ve designed and created, and the animals are wonderful, but are You sure about creating people?  I realize they are in Our image and they certainly start out well, and some are very promising, but…”

Father doesn’t answer right away.  He continues to watch the kaleidoscope before Him.  After a while, He gently and quietly whispers, “but?”

“But the people are flawed and everything You’ve designed and created is perfect.  I can see the possibilities for great joy and fellowship, but You know there will be conflict with Satan.  He will hurt them.  Satan has already brought You great pain.  The people will cause You even more.  Are You absolutely certain about the people?”

“We have so much beauty in the universe We have created.  We should share it.  We have more than enough love within Us to be able to bear the pain.”

“Yes, but We are holy and these people…  There would always be a barrier between us.”  Jesus looks intently into the face of His Father.  “Couldn’t we do something to remove it so the relationship would be as perfect as the rest of creation?”

God returns the intense gaze for the longest time.  His face is not a kaleidoscope, but it clearly shows He is weighing a matter.  Very quietly He replies, “Yes, My Son, there is something We could do.”

The Father lays out the plan.  The Spirit audibly sucks in a startled breath and returns to watching the Son and praying.  The Son looks into His Father’s face.  “Incredible!”  The Father waits.

“An embryo?  I would become an embryo in an unwed mother?  A baby?  I would be a baby and have to learn everything I already know?   I would be a toddler who learns to walk, a child who learns to obey, a teenager who learns to relate to people, a carpenter who earns a living, a teacher they don’t understand, a Savior they don’t want?  I would have to leave You and perfection for more than thirty years?  The betrayal, rejection, scourging, crucifixion?  The resurrection.

“Will it be hard?”

“Yes, my Son, it will.  You will need to be truly one of them in order to bridge the gap between us.  You will need to struggle as they do, to experience everything they experience, every joy, every sorrow, every anguish.  But We will help You and strengthen You.

Jesus returns to deep thought.  After a long pause, He murmurs, “It is the best way.”  He looks up again.  “But Father, so few will believe, so many will reject Us.  Are You absolutely certain?”

“Everyone will be able to choose whether or not to believe.  Everyone will have the opportunity for perfect love and relationship.  We have more than enough love for all.  I’m certain.  It’s up to You, Son.  Are You willing?”

Once again, the Spirit holds His breath.

Jesus’ smile is bittersweet.  “I will miss Our oneness, but yes, I’m willing.”

“I’m proud of You, Son.”

“Father, how long will they have to wait for Me to come?  How long will it be until My return?”

“Don’t worry, my Child, the timing will be perfect.”



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