Psalm 88

God saves me, rescues.  Day and night I cry out before You, continually praying and pleading.  Hear me!

My soul is full of trouble – sin, doubt, worry, anger.  I am close to death – physical and spiritual.  I have no strength left.  I am considered as dead – beyond hope. 

You are so angry with me that You have put me into the lowest pit – I am overwhelmed.  You have removed me from fellowship – my closest friends find me repulsive.  I’m trapped and can’t get out. 

I call to You every day.  Do You show Your wonders to one as dead as I am?  Can I rise up and praise You?  Does Your love and faithfulness reach to one trapped in hell? 

But I still cry – I still pray in the morning.  Why aren’t You listening?  Why do You reject me?  Why do You hide Your face from me?

From my youth, I have been afflicted and close to death. I have suffered terrors, despair, wrath.  Your anger has flooded me.  You have taken my companions and loved ones.  The darkness is my closest friend. 


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