Psalm 84

How lovely is God’s dwelling place! It is lovely because God is there. My soul yearns to be where God is. I cry out for the living God.

Even the birds have a home in the house of God. Blessed are those who dwell in God’s house and are always praising Him, God’s house – the earth.

Blessed are those whose strength is in God, who have set their hearts and made up their minds to follow Him every moment of every day. We go from strength to strength – each strength given to us as we need it.

Hear us. Listen. Look and favor Your chosen one.

Better is one day in the presence of the God, than a thousand anywhere else. The lowliest position serving God is better than the highest earthly position.

God lights us and warms us and shields us. He gives favor, honor, abundant blessings, holding back nothing.

Blessed is He who trusts in You.

Sun and shield don’t seem to go together. Without the sun, the enemy wouldn’t be able to see us and we wouldn’t need a shield. Perhaps the sun is so we can see our enemy and the shield is our protection from him. You enable us to see our enemy and don’t leave us unprotected.

No good thing do You withhold from us. Therefore, if I believe there is a good thing that You are withholding, it really isn’t good for me at this time. So I need to ask if I’m walking with integrity. If I am, and there’s a “good thing” I don’t have, then there’s more I don’t see and don’t know and it would not be good for me to have it at this time.

Give us something that wouldn’t be good for us? He loves us better than that.

Perhaps the key is “the better of two alternatives”. If there is a good thing I don’t have. There must be something better God has for me. So then no matter what the good thing is, there is always something better – God. Therefore, everything I have now is good and God’s best for me.


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