Psalm 73

God is good to those who are pure in heart.  If your motives and intentions are in God’s will, blessings follow.

The writer nearly lost his purity, nearly had evil motives and intentions enjoying the wicked.  Getting away with everything, even prospering, seemingly blessed. 

In Your sanctuary I understand.  These are the only blessings they’ll experience.  Soon they’ll be destroyed.

I am always with You.

You hold my hand.

You guide me with Your counsel.

You lead me to perfection.

There is nothing here on earth for me.

Everything I need is in heaven and You.

This body may fail, but God strengthens my Spirit.

The wicked prosper because God gave them their start and their own efforts were successful.  Perhaps Satan helped them prosper.  But they will not prosper forever.  God will step in one day.  Their efforts won’t be enough.  Satan will betray them.  God will either remove or move His hand.  Unless God is in it from the beginning and every step of the way, they will not be prosperous for long and they will never be truly prosperous.



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