Psalm 69

Save me O God.

The waters have come up to my neck – waters of fear

                                                                                Waters of doubt

                                                                                Waters of work

                                                                                Waters of tiredness

I sink – no foothold – deep waters – floods – worn out – calling – parched throat – tired eyes – looking everywhere for God.

People hate me without reason – many enemies – I’ve made restoration for what I didn’t have to just to keep them quiet.

God knows my sin.  Don’t let my imperfection be a hindrance to others.

I am ridiculed because I follow you.  My own family distances themselves from me.  Everyone makes fun of my beliefs, my commitment.

But I pray to God – God favors, God loves, God answers with sure salvation.  He rescues me, unsinks me, delivers me, floats me, answers me out of goodness, comes near, redeems me.

No one comes to my aid – in fact, they make the suffering worse.  But they’ll get theirs – the tables will turn on them. 

Praise is better than sacrifice.  Seek God and live!


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