Psalm 65

David has praises waiting for God.
David has vows to keep.
God hears prayers and all men will come to Him.
When sin filled most of our lives, God forgave us.
He chose us to be brought near to Him, to serve Him – blessings are ours!
Now, instead of being filled with sin, we are filled with the good things of God’s house.

We call to God – He answers us with awesome deeds.
The hope of God reaches to the ends of the earth and the last drop of the ocean.
God’s strength and power can build mountains, calm seas, and bring peace to nations.
God cares for the land and enriches it. Abundantly.
Furrows and ridges
Bounty overflowing
Desert grasslands
Hills clothed with gladness
Meadows covered with flocks
Valleys mantled with grain

You are praised with silence in Zion, O Elohim.

(Strange, I’ve never thought of silence as praise. I’ve always thought of praises as having sound.)


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