Psalm 56

Be merciful and gracious to me O God. Men hotly pursue me. An employer counts hundreds of dollars while I lose thousands. A church pushes me to the side. Friends drift away. Show me what I have done wrong. Show me how to adjust my attitude, how to turn the other cheek.

I am afraid. Of change. Of new things and new people. Of succeeding. Of failing. Help me to trust. Not in the plans and scenarios that run through my mind, but in You Who can see far beyond what I can ever imagine. Man cannot harm me by imagining and nursing hurts.

Help me to fulfill my promises to You. To live for You. To live a life that is pleasing to You. To serve You. Teach me to praise and thank You more.

God has saved me from death.

God has kept my feet from slipping.

Help me to walk straight and tall before You in Your light.


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