Psalm 55

David begs God to hear, listen and answer.
His thoughts trouble him, he is distraught.
His enemies are giving him trouble – they speak, stare, bring him suffering, show their anger.
David’s heart is in anguish.  He is scared stiff.
David want to escape like a dove – the bird of peace.  Escape, and rest in the desert – no people or things around.  There he has a place of shelter – God often meets and provides for his followers in the desert.

David asks God to confuse the enemy.
David can handle any enemy except a close friend turned traitor.

David calls to God and God saves.
David cries out morning, noon and night, and God hears.
God and David outnumber all the enemy.
The enemy can always be found out – they are the ones who never change their ways and have no fear of God.

David’s friend attacks his own friends and violates his covenant to serve God.  He talks a good line but actually wants war, to stir up trouble.

Cast your cares on God.  He will sustain the righteous.
The wicked will be destroyed.

Trust in God.


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