Psalm 51

It take a lot of nerve to lust, commit adultery, lie, plot and murder and then ask God to be merciful.  But then again, not nerve, just a truly guilty and repentant heart.  Any sinner can come to God and ask Him to be merciful and He will be because of His constant love for us.  It takes a heart that recognizes its sin and believes that God can and will be merciful.  Because of God’s mercy, He wipes away all our sins, no matter what they might be.  He also doesn’t keep score, for the child of the parents of lust, adultery, lies and murder went on to become one of the greatest kings of  Israel!          

Forgiveness means:           God is merciful

                                              God wipes away our sins

                                              God washes away all our evil

                                              God makes us clean from our sin

                                              God judges us

                                              God condemns us

                                              God removes our sins

                                              God washes us whiter than snow

                                              God fills our mind with wisdom

                                              God closes His eyes to our sins

                                              God wipes out all our evil

                                              God creates a pure heart in us

                                              God puts a new and loyal spirit in us

                                              God doesn’t banish us from His presence

                                              God doesn’t take His Holy Spirit from us

                                              God give us joy again

                                              God make us willing to obey

                                              God spares our life

Sometimes we recognize our faults and are conscious of our sin too much.  After we have asked God for forgiveness, we must believe that He does indeed forgive us.  Then we ourselves must forget our sin, or at least choose to not recall it.

Even though David sinned against Bathsheba’s husband, he says he has sinned only against God.  When we sin against another person, it is really God we have sinned against.  When other people sin against us, it is really God they have sinned against.   

In verse 7, the Hebrew word for purify (chata), is the same Hebrew word translated “sin”.  I find that absolutely amazing.  That means God wastes no time in forgiving us.  We chata and He chata – forgiveness so quickly, we don’t even have to change words!  If only we could ask forgiveness and repent as soon as we sin, then we could be instantly cleansed!  

God requires sincerity and truth.  Giving our all.  Our best.  No nonsense.  He doesn’t leave us hanging.  What He requires, He provides.  He requires sincerity and truth and provides wisdom.  Can’t get any easier.  The hard part is accepting the gift of what God wants to give.   

We can choose to be happy.  All we have to do is ask for His forgiveness and accept it.  If we’re still not happy, we either don’t fully believe and trust in His forgiveness or we haven’t fully forgiven ourselves.  

Obeying God’s commands is simply being loyal to Him.   

Joy and obedience are requirements for teaching others.

Speaking out about God and praising Him go hand in hand.   

A humble spirit is a sacrifice.  A sacrifice of pride.


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