Renew a right spirit within me.  Psalm 51:10

Breath deep.  In and out.  In with the new spirit.  Out with the old.

Mind:    In with controlled thoughts.  Out with disorganization.

In with disciplined thoughts.  Out with laziness.

In with Godly thoughts.  Out with selfish thoughts.

In with positive thoughts.  Out with negative thoughts.


Eyes:     In with beauty.  Out with imperfection.

In with wide-openness.  Out with closed, narrow vision.


Nose:    In with sweet smelling.  Out with foul odors.


Ears:      In with harmony.  Out with discord.


Mouth:    In with the smiles.  Out with the frowns.

In with affirmations.  Out with gossip.

In with sincerity.  Out with sarcasm.


Attitude:   In with peace.  Out with turmoil.

In with forgiveness.  Out with anger.

In with acceptance.  Out with judgment.



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