Jezebel’s Advice

Then his wife Jezebel said to him (Ahab), “Now exercise your royal power over Israel. Get up, eat some food, and be happy. For I will give you the vineyard of Naboth the Jezreelite.” I Kings 21:7

Ahab has asked Naboth for his vineyard in sale or trade and has been refused. Ahab’s response to this rejection was resentment, anger and pouting. “He lay down on his bed, turned his face away, and didn’t eat any food” (verse 4).
There are times as believers when God doesn’t do for us what we want Him to, and there are times when other people let us down. When we face rejection or disappointment, I see some sound advice in Jezebel’s words if we modify them a bit.
Now, exercise your royal power over yourself. Get up, keep on living, working, and serving, and be grateful.
We are children of the King, adopted by God because of Jesus’ death on the cross for our sins. When we acknowledged our sins, asked God for forgiveness and believed that Jesus took our punishment, we became brothers and sisters of Jesus, and God, King of the Universe, became our Father. We are royalty. Our royal power is the Holy Spirit residing within us.
Since we have little control over our circumstances, we need to exercise our royal power over ourselves. We need to live and pray in the Spirit. We need to admit that God knows better than we do and buck up and willingly obey His plan for us. We need to keep working and serving with the joy that comes from being grateful. We need to be grateful that God is doing what is best for us.


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