The Whirlwinds of Life

“Then the Lord answered Job from the whirlwind.”  Job 38:1

What a minute – whirlwind?  What whirlwind?  I see no mention of a whirlwind before this.  (lightbulb comes on)

The whirlwind of events.  One minute everything was right in Job’s world, and the next, all was lost.  God is in the whirlwind of the events and circumstances of our lives.

The whirlwind of illness and pain.  Job was stricken with a painful boil disease over his entire body.  God is in the whirlwind of illness and pain.

The whirlwind of emotions.  Job laments his situation and his condition.  He laments his “friends” who have come to comfort but are no comfort.  Sorrow (deep sorrow), impatience, anger, frustration, confusion, discouragement.  We experience rapidly changing emotions.  God is in the whirlwind of emotion.

The whirlwind of injustice.  Job was a victim of Satan’s jealousy and attack, the scorn of his wife, the rejection of his peers, the accusations of his “friends”.  God is in the whirlwind of injustice.

The whirlwind of God’s presence and revelation.  Sometimes God reveals faster than I can write or type.  God is in every whirlwind, but whirlwinds are noisy affairs and in order to hear in one, we have to focus on the voice instead of the whirlwind and we have to listen very carefully.  Hush now.  Can you hear Him?


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