Psalm 37

Don’t worry about what other people are getting away with.  Don’t be jealous of other people.  Everyone who is here today will be gone tomorrow.

Watch what you do.  Trust in God.  Do good.  Dwell in the land.  Care for it.  Use its resources.  Delight yourself in the Lord.  Spend your time and energy pleasing Him. The more time spent close to God, the more your desires will match His desires.

Commit your way to the Lord.  Promise.  Decide to follow no matter what.

Be still – stop thinking your thoughts.  Stop and wait patiently for God to work in His way.  Stop looking at others are doing.  Just wait for God.  Don’t be angry at others’ success while you’re marking time.

The plans the wicked are making for others will fall back onto themselves.

If God delights in us, He may not make us wealthy, but He will make our way firm.


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