Psalm 36

The wicked person doesn’t fear God.  The wicked person doesn’t even really see God.  There is so much self in the wicked person’s eyes that he doesn’t see his sin.

God is everywhere – the skies, the mountains, the ocean.  Class distinction isn’t in God’s vocabulary – all are welcome to find love and refuge.

Continue Your love and righteousness to me.

Your mercy reaches to the heavens and the flooded streets.  Your faithfulness to the skies and the ditches (there were heavy rains and flash flooding that morning, but God got me through!)

God saves peoples and animals (so we’ll see our pets in heaven)

We take refuge in the shadow of Your wings.  Just like the evening when a powerful storm came through downtown Chicago and I ducked into an alcove out of the wind and the rain.

There are rich foods in Your house (we’ll eat in heaven).  We will drink from the river of Your pleasure (the river of life in heaven.  We’ll be so overwhelmed when we realize how pleased You are with us).

The fountain of life is Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  In Your light (Jesus the light of the world) we see light.

I know You, therefore You show Your mercy to me.  My motives are decent, therefore You show and share the righteousness of Christ with me.


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