Psalm 35

David asks God to fight those who are fighting him.  Part of perfect fellowship.  What I do, God does.  Otherwise I am totally inadequate.  David pictures God as wearing armor just as he does.  God works and defends through human means, through human tools.

God will hinder those who plot evil.  One day their evil schemes will ensnare themselves.  But it will be God’s doing.  It cannot be ours.

David did good to his friends and neighbors.  However it went unappreciated.  In fact, as soon as they had a chance to reciprocate, they did what they could not to help, but to push him down even further.  Therefore, it is our job and purpose to help when and where we can, but to expect nothing in return.  And when we need help, we must look to God alone.

My tongue will speak of Your righteousness and of Your praise all day long.


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