Psalm 34

Praise the Lord no matter what happens – good, bad, or indifferent.

I’m discouraged and afflicted – God’s word to me:  “Take heart”

I sought the Lord; He answered, He delivered.  But it starts with me – I have to seek the Lord.

If I look to God, my face will shine with His glory and I will have nothing to be ashamed of.

This poor woman called, and the Lord heard her, He saved her out of all her troubles.  Hear us Abba.  Save us.  Show us how to live.

God’s angel is always with me.

Close your eyes, open your mouth and stick out your tongue.  Open your eyes and taste and see that the Lord is good.  Take refuge.

Honor the Lord and you will lack nothing.  In God is everything needed for life (and death) and you won’t even notice what earthly goods you don’t have because God will fulfill you.

If you want to live a long life, control your tongue, turn from evil, do good, seek peace, and pursue peace.

God is keeping an eye on me.  God is listening for my cry.  He is against those who do evil.  Eventually no one will ever remember.  They won’t have done anything good worth remembering, and by then people won’t be carrying grudges.

When I cry out, God hears me and delivers me – if I am righteous.  I may have many troubles but God takes care of all of them.  The more troubles, the closer God is.

Evil will be defeated.  If I am God’s servant, I will be redeemed.  I will be safe if I take refuge in God.  I have to live in God and with God – in very close quarters.


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