Psalm 26

Judge me. Look at what I’ve done and what I am. Decide whether I’m right or wrong, good or bad.

Vindicate me. Prove to everyone that I’m right.

Dismiss all the charges against me. Stop the criticism.

For I have walked in my integrity. I did what I thought was right.

For I have led a blameless life. I have tried to do right and not harem anyone.

For I have tried to keep Your laws. I have tried to obey You.

I have also trusted in the Lord. I have let God lead.

Therefore I shall not slide. I stand firm.

Without wavering. I stand firm.

Examine me. Test me. Cross-examine me. Prove me. Try me. Look closely.

Try my reins. Examine my mind. Test my motives. Test my mind. Who do I think of first and most?

Try my heart. Examine my heart. Test my affections. Test my heart. Who do I love best and most?

Your lovingkindness is before my eyes. Your love is ever before me. I have taken Your lovingkindness as my ideal. Your steadfast love is before my eyes. All I have to do to see Your love is open my eyes – your love is all around. I try to love others as You love me.

I have walked in Your truth. I walk continually in Your truth. I have taken Your truth as my ideal. I walk in faithfulness to You. I spend time in Your word. When I’m not reading or studying it, I’m thinking about it.

I do not sit with vain persons, go with dissemblers, sit with deceitful men, consort with hypocrites, have fellowship with tricky, two-faced men, sit with false men. I keep company with fellow believers. Except I myself am a vain person. I am a dissembler by staying away from church. I am deceitful. I am a hypocrite.

I abhor the assembly of evil-doers and refuse to sit with the wicked. We let the church know what we felt was wrong and refused to go along with it.

I wash my hands in innocence and go about Your altar O Lord. I need to make sure that what I’m doing is right and that I still worship and serve God. I need to proclaim God’s praise. I need to tell others about God and what He’s done for me. I need to love God’s house more than I dislike the imperfect people who worship there. The more level my feet, the firmer I stand and the more I praise Him.


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