Psalm 25

I pray to God. I don’t just pray. I lift up my soul. I take the essence of my being and move it away from myself, closer to God. I lift it up so that it’s harder for me to manipulate and easier for God to work with.

I have to hope in God. Not in people, or things or events, but in the God who controls all those. I shouldn’t hope in a particular outcome, but rather I should hope and trust that God will guide me to and through the process of obtaining the outcome He has already planned and laid out for me.

Show me Your ways. Show me how You love. Show me how You show concern. Shoe me how You correct. Show me how You discipline. Just as a parent teaches by example. Teach me Your paths. Teach me the path to peace. Teach me the path to joy. Teach me the path to rest. Teach me the path to follow to get to Your destinations for me. Remind me that everything is already mapped out for me.

All I need to do for God to show me His ways and teach me His paths is to be humble. I have to be willing to admit that I can’t find the way myself, but need help. Humility also makes it easier to keep God’s covenant demands. Less of me and more of God. Fearing the Lord goes right along with humility. When I’m respecting God, I’m not in awe of myself and I’m paying more attention to God. The more attention I pay to God, the more He confides in me and shows me His covenant.

I have to always keep my eyes on the Lord. He is He is the only one who can release my feet from the snare. God is the only one who can spring me from the traps Satan sets for me. Other people cannot help me for they only become entrapped themselves, or tangle my lines even worse.

Integrity and uprightness protect me. The closer I live to Your commands, the closer I am to You, and the more protected I am. The more I hope in You and the less I hope in people, things and events around me, the more stable my life becomes.


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