Psalm 21

God did great things for King David, but David was a king, a great leader, an important man. How does this apply to me? I’m not a queen, a great leader, an important person. And yet, we are both servants of the Lord. It’s just that our circumstances are different. When God looks at me, He sees the queen of His heart, a great leader, a very important person.

I can rejoice in God’s strength. The strength to run and not grow weary. I can have great joy in the victory Jesus won for me at the cross and God gives me now through the power of the Holy Spirit. Victories over bad habits and attitudes. God grants me the desires of my heart just as he did for King David – especially when the desire of my heart is to know Him better.

I have rich blessings. I have life full and rich. I am glad in the joy of His presence. I, too, trust in the Lord. God’s love for me is just as unfailing as it was to King David. I, too, will not be shaken.

Thank you God, for treating me like a queen.


2 thoughts on “Psalm 21

  1. We are royal daughters of the King!! Thanks Janet Jean for your time and dedication to continue to put this together and share. A blessing!!


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