Psalm 18

Help me to love You. Help me to let go and give You my all. To You and to everyone I meet.

God is my strength. Yesterday I ran and worked from 6 am until 9:30 pm. The only difference between yesterday and any other day was my attitude. I relied on Your energy and kept out the negative thoughts.

God is my rock. My solid base that will not crumble. God is my fortress, my shelter that no one can penetrate. God is my deliverer. He delivers me from bad attitudes, low energy and laziness. God is my refuge. When life gets too harried, I can go and rest and hide in Him. Better to hide in God than the TV.

God is my shield. He protects me from Satan’s arrows of temptation and discouragement. He protects me from negative thoughts and attitudes. He protects me. Unlike a human shield though, God is not heavy to carry. All I have to do is keep His word in my heart.

God is the horn of my salvation. God is the strength of my salvation. He is like the strong horn of a mighty, fighting bull. Not only is God my shield, He fights for me as well. And no one messes with a bull! My strength and energy come from Him. Thank You Abba! Thank You!

God is my stronghold. When I trust in Him, no one can harm me. I have plenty of supplies to outlast the enemy. As long as I stay within God’s stronghold, His will, no real harm can come to me. Help me, Abba, to call on You more often and don’t let me wait until I’m practically overrun by the enemy.

Reach down from on high, Abba. Take hold of me. Draw me out of the deep waters of depression. Draw me out of the deep waters of negative thinking. Draw me out of the deep waters of indecision. Draw me out of the deep waters of fear. Draw me out of the deep waters of laziness. Draw me out of the shallow waters of my faith.

The Lord is my support. Just as a towel supports my back when I exercise, the Lord is my support when I exercise my faith.

God brought me out into a spacious place – country living. Spacious places. Lots of room to exercise faith. God rescues me because He delights in me. God delights in me. He created me unique and He is proud of and pleased with His creation. It is time to fulfil His purpose.

The Lord has dealt with me according to my righteousness and rewarded me according to the cleanness of my hands. But this is Old Testament, B.C. Before Christ. Salvation depends on trust in Jesus. But heavenly rewards? Heavenly rewards depend upon my righteousness and cleanness – on how close I live in God’s will. Earthly rewards come to bring glory to His name. Earthly trials come not to punish, but to strengthen and bring glory to His name.

Keep my lamp burning, Lord. And help me to bring it out from under my bushel of selfishness.

With God’s help, I can advance against a whole troop of negative attitudes. With my God, I can scale all the walls I’ve put up around me. I can also scale the walls others put up. With God, I can overcome all my enemies.


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