Good Friday/Resurrection Meditation

Jesus knew when He chose the disciples that Judas would betray him, Peter would deny Him, and all would desert Him. Yet, He still chose them, still invested in them, still served and loved them. Jesus knew and God knew that we would be miserable followers and disobedient children, but that didn’t stop Jesus from dying on the cross for us or God from creating us.

When people are disappointed in other people, they tend to distance themselves from those who have disappointed them. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit don’t though. We distance ourselves from Them when we think we’ve disappointed Them, but They do not move away from us.

We are disappointed when people fail to live up to our expectations. Our expectations for and about other people usually have a selfish motive at heart – something they do that will benefit us. The Trinity knows we are sinful creatures. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit do not expect us to be perfect because They know we can’t be. Knowing who and what we are, is it possible They are never disappointed in us?

I checked in Strong’s Concordance (Expanded and Exhaustive) and couldn’t find a verse about God or Jesus being disappointed in us – saddened by our actions and rejection, yes, but not disappointed. Saddened because They know the consequences of unrepented sins. Saddened by sin and failure, but still loving the sinner fully and completely. Love so great and so perfect, it can’t be disappointed because Their love for us doesn’t contain a single selfish motive. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit only desire what is best for us and what is best for us is to confess, repent, believe and follow. What’s best for us is to bask and joy in Their boundless love.


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