Psalm 22 – An Easter Meditation

God has forsaken David – at least that’s how David felt when he wrote this. God forsook Jesus on the cross. Sometimes it feels as if God has forsaken us. God feels far away. No help is seen. He doesn’t seem to hear our cries.

Yet God is still God. We need to still trust Him to deliver us even when He doesn’t seem to be around. We must remember that He is still working. We will not be disappointed if we wait.

The psalmist was mocked (verse 8). Jesus was mocked (Matthew 27:43). We will be mocked. Non-believers will not understand our trust. When hard times come, we will truly be alone. But God made us from conception and guides our every step.

In the original Hebrew, what is translated as cries, or groaning, is actually “roaring”. Jesus roared, but His roaring and His deliverance before the cross were as far apart as the east is from the west. This was so that God could remove our sins as far from us as the east is from the west. The one and only time on earth there was no hope of deliverance for one of God’s children, it happened to God’s own Son and not one of us.


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