Psalm 13

Actually, it’s not that God has forgotten us, but that we’ve forgotten Him. Trials and hard times come to teach us. It’s when we forget to see God in all things, when we forget to believe that He is there even when we can’t see Him that we begin to complain.

We don’t have to wrestle with our thoughts if we confess and surrender them to God.

We don’t have to have sorrow in our hearts if we remember that God is still there even though we don’t see Him as we want to – if He’s not as visible as we’d like Him to be. God doesn’t always lead by pillars of cloud and fire – most of the time He leads by a still small voice.

God doesn’t always make His presence known by wondrous miracles or plagues – most of the time it’s a quiet assurance deep in the folds of your heart knowing that He’s holding you in the palm of His hand.

Our enemies triumph over us because we allow them to. Our biggest enemy is ourselves.
Open our eyes to see Your Presence.

God is always good to us – even when life doesn’t seem to be.


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