Praying Psalm 1

Show me, Abba, who is wicked. Show me who is righteous. Show me whose counsel to trust. Ultimately, the only counsel I should trust is Yours. Help me to walk in Your ways.

Show me which path is the sinner’s and which is the path I should be on. Help me to clear the brush and tramp through the undergrowth from the sinner’s path to Your path.

Keep me, Abba, from scoffing at anyone or anything. Teach me to stop, look and seek Your opinion before I offer my own, or even start to formulate my own.

Make Your law my delight. Help me to learn it. Show me how to make more time for it, day and night.

Right now, parts of my life feel like a freshly potted houseplant. Blow on me and I’ll uproot. I need to spend time in Your Word and in prayer so I can grow some roots.

Something inside tells me that I have a lot of fruit to yield. Yet I fell that I have much to learn yet before the fruit will ripen. What I don’t know is how much of this holding back is You telling me to learn and grow and how much is me being scared.

I feel withered right now. Worn out physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – did I leave anything out? If I spent time in the Word and in prayer, I would start to perk up – just like my houseplants.

I sure do need to prosper – right now. I’m not getting anything accomplished.

The wind isn’t driving me away, but it sure is buffeting me. Please calm the wind in me, just as You calmed the storm on the Sea of Galilee.


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