Parallels between Judges and the Christian Life

1:27 The tribes did not take possession of the certain areas; We do not take possession of all that God has for us – the abundant life

1:28 The Israelites did not completely drive out the Canaanites; We do not completely drive out our old sinful ways

2:22 God tested Israel to see if they would keep the way of the Lord by leaving the Canaanites in the land; God tests us to see if we will follow Jesus by leaving us in the world

2:2 Israel made covenants with the enemy; We make compromises

2:10 The Israelites failed to teach their children about God; We fail to teach our children about God

2:10 The Israelites didn’t tell their children about the work God had done for Israel; We don’t tell our children or other people about the work God has done in our lives

2:11-13 The Israelites forsook God and served other gods around them; We forsake God and we serve other gods (idols)

2:14 God gave the Israelites into the hands of their enemies; God lets us go our own way even if it means giving us over to our idols

2:18 The Israelites groaned because of the oppression of their enemies; Our spirits groan because of the oppression of our idols

2:16 God raised up judges who delivered the Israelites from their enemies; God sends the Holy Spirit to convict us and deliver us from our idols


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