Insights from Joshua

Joshua 1:18 God is telling Joshua not to be afraid to be a leader. He is guaranteed obedience. The Israelites either obey or die. Leadership for Joshua is a sure thing. He has nothing to worry about. Yet apparently, he was still scared to death. God has to repeatedly remind him to be strong and courageous.

Joshua 5:5 Why hadn’t the Israelites been circumcised in the wilderness? Was it Moses? In Exodus 4, we learn he neglected to circumcise one of his sons. Did he have a problem with it? Were the Israelites waiting for the Promised Land? Did they keep thinking they’d be there any day and take care if it then? Did they feel unworthy? Were they slapping God in the face? Why didn’t God order circumcisions in the wilderness? Perhaps circumcision could only be done at “home” and so they were waiting for the Promised Land.

Joshua 10:25 You have enemies to fight? Don’t worry. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be discouraged about how many more of them there are, or over how much stronger they are, or about how many more advantages they appear to have. Be strong in the Lord. Be courageous. God will put His feet on the necks of your enemies. They will be totally under God’s submission. The victory is yours! Fight on! Joshua takes the words God repeatedly spoke to him and uses them to encourage the people.

Joshua 24:14-24 Joshua is addressing the people for the last time. He reminds them of everything God did for them. He reminds them how jealous He is. He warns them about serving foreign gods. The people affirm they will serve God five times, but not once do they agree to give up their foreign gods; not once do they promise not to serve any other god. How disappointed Joshua must have been. How hurt God must have been.


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