The Parable of the Mallard

I was driving home from the train station around 6pm and I saw a mallard fly up from the field at my right. Beautiful bird – I admired him all the way to the upper right corner of my windshield where I heard a thud.

Tears sprang up. I couldn’t stop because of the cars behind me. I prayed fervently for the mallard – that he just had the wind knocked out of him, that nothing would be broken, that his mate wouldn’t be left forlorn.

As I was getting ready for bed that night, I wondered why I have such a tender heart. God would not have deliberately hurt the mallard, so there must be a lesson to learn.

Why did the mallard hit my car?

He didn’t have enough altitude.
He misjudged the clearance he needed.
He wasn’t flying hard enough.
He crossed the road too soon.

How does the mallard apply to me?

I’m losing altitude – spending too much time in the world and less time with God.
I’m about to misjudge the clearance I need – I need more time in the Word and in prayer.
I’m not flying hard enough – I’ve been slacking off.

Careful – Satan’s coming down the road; circumstances are coming too.

Am I ready to cross the road and fly safely above them?

Under my own power, I’ll get knocked for a loop; but on His wings I will safely cross the road.


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